India delivers Third Consignment of Emergency Relief materials to people of Nepal to support quake victims.

Supply of Earthquake Relief Materials to the Government of Nepal Acting on the commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the third tranche of over 12 tonnes of earthquake relief support comprising of blankets, sleeping bags, tents and essential medical supplies, etc. reached Nepal on 9 November 2023 via a special Indian Air Force (IAF) C-130 flight.

As a First Responder, India has provided 33 tonnes of emergency relief materials for the earthquake affected families in Nepal through three special Indian Air Force flights. The support included tents and tarpaulin sheets, blankets and sleeping bags as well as vital medicines, and medical equipment such as surgical equipment, portable ventilators as well as hygiene supplies to meet the urgent requirements of the earthquake affected families.

India’s swift response affirms its commitment to support Nepal as a close friend and neighbour. As Nepal’s foremost development partner, India has been steadfast in its efforts to support the people of Nepal in this difficult time. India will continue to provide support based on the priorities and guidance provided by Government of Nepal.


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