IFFCO PRO Fecilicited On Eve Srijagannath Philosy & Culture At Puri

Puri:  On 19/08/23 and 20/08/23, the Divine Lila of Lord Sriramchandra Bhagwan was performed with the consciousness of Lord Shrijagannath at Puri. Under the chairmanship of International Charana Gosthi, Puri’s Vice President Dr. Sharat Chandra Patra, programs was started for the propagation of Shri Jagannath Chetna and at three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama was recited by all the Charans. of the world. After the reading of Paramshastra Srimadbhagvat various personalities were honored by Ampranam spiritual magazine. Its Editor, Dr. Shubhendu Swain , managed the stage under the direction of Dr. Sharatchandra Patra. In this program IFFCO’S administrative Officer Shri Prasanna Kumar Beura was honored with Prestigious Shri Jagannath Seva Sanman. He is not only the administrative Officer of IFFCO but also the trustee of Shri Achyutananda Pitha,Padmabana Daham, Nemalo. He was felicitated for promoting and propagating Shri Jagannath culture and Shri Achyutananda’s along with “ PANCHASKAHA” teachings across the country. He plays a crucial role in promoting panchasakha culture, rituals and teachings. One prominent well-known panchasakha is Shri Achyutananda. It is clear that his malika and future prophecies are currently happening to be true. Around 600 years ago, he made predictions about the future, but amazingly, all of them turned out to be true. Shri Prasanna Kumar Beura was honored by Sh Ramesh Chandra Bansal, President, Of International Cultural Institute of Sanskrit Knowledge (NRI),Sh Manoj Kumar, IAS, Dy. Commissioner of Industry, Govt. of Haryana , It was discussed how Shri Jagannath’s consciousness can be propagated from house to house to build a healthy society. Sri Chaitanya Ashram’s respected Saint Bhakti Vijana Akinchan Maharaj graced the occasion at the inaugural function. Shri Mandir Chief Administrator Shri Ranjan Das, IAS as the Chief Guest, Pandit Kuna Tripathi as the Chief Speaker, Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Satapathy, Shri Ramachandra Dasmahapatra, Shri Viswanath Samantaray, Balabhadra Mahapatra, Madhav Panda, and Shri Mandir Management Committee. Members Shri. Madhav Chandra Pujapanda, Shri. Madhav Chandra Mahapatra, Shri. Durgaprasad Das Mahapatra, Shri. Jagannath Kar, Shri. Anantha Tiadi. Shri Mandir Sevayat Sri Gaurishkan Sinhari, Sri Sudarshan Poojapanda, Sri Balabhadra Mahapatra, Sri Ramachandra Dasmahapatra, Sri Vishwanath Samantaray, Dr. Vaskar Mishra, Sri Gangadhar Pratihari participated. President of Uttarakhand Literary Society, Mr. Samir Parija and Sh Prasanna Kumar Beura servitors of Achyutanand Peetha participated in the said program. The above entire programne organised by Dr Suvendu Sekhar Swain, Cultural Secretary, Antrajatiya Charan Gosti, Pandit Lingaraj Pati, Cuttack District Coordinator , Antrajatiya Charan Gosti, Puri. It is requested by Mr Bansal to arrange one programme at Mathura and Jerman to spread Lord Jagannath culture and consciousness.


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