GIS Review | Is IELTSMaterial GIS a Good Consultancy for Migration?

Canada is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Every year thousands of people migrate to Canada under various categories. Many immigrants prefer Canada over any other country because the Canadian government gives innumerous benefits to Permanent Residents.

The list of benefits that a Canadian PR holder enjoys are:

  • Free education benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Free medical facilities
  • Many employment benefits
  • Child tax benefits
  • Option to become a sponsor for family members
  • Old age security benefits
  • Become a Canadian citizen after living in Canada for three years.
  • Purchase/sell property in Canada
  • Visa-free travel in almost 100 countries.

How to migrate to Canada?

IRCC has launched various immigration programs for individuals who are keen to settle, work or study in Canada. These programs are:

  • Skilled Professional and Trade program under Express Entry
  • Entrepreneur, self-employment, and investors Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Temporary work Permits
  • Study Permits
  • Family Sponsorship Program
  • Caregiver Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Quebec Selected Worker Program

Why go with PR visa consultants?

As there are so many people who wish to come to Canada for various reasons, there are a variety of programs and procedures in place. The purpose of hiring a Canada PR visa consultant is to evaluate your profile to see if you satisfy all of the requirements for the visa category for which you are applying. They should also provide advice on how to enhance your profile score so that your application isn’t turned down. Another reason you should engage a consultant for your Canada PR application is that immigration regulations change often, and it’s tough to keep track of all the changes and how they impact your application. Global Immigration Service (GIS) – A Review Global Immigration services is the one-stop solution for all your Canada immigration-related queries. So far, they’ve assisted over 5000 people with their Canada PR applications. GIS advisers provide knowledgeable suggestions, give directions, and tips, among other things, to make your Canada PR process smooth.

Extensive Knowledge and experience

 The authorized consultants of GIS are professionals who have an in-depth understanding of each visa type requirement. They evaluate your profile and ensure that all of your documents are as per current rules and regulations and match the visa program applied for.

Personalized service

The consultants at Global Immigration Service (GIS) cross-examine your documents to determine the CRS score. Since the Canadian government selects the candidate for ITA based on their Express Entry draw score, it becomes critical to satisfying the minimum requirements. If the consultant believes your application is weak in a few areas, they will provide suggestions to help you improve it. For example, they could advise you to achieve a high score on your IELTS exam in order to improve your chances of getting selected. The CRS point is determined using a variety of factors, including your age, education, job experience, language proficiency score, offer letter, and more. GIS experts evaluate your educational credentials and confirm that they comply with the ECA format. Concurrently, they provide you with a document checklist so that you can make sure you have all of the essential documents before filling out the application form. They make certain that you must remain well informed and prepared for the next stage in the Canada PR immigration procedure.

Additional service

In order to make the Canada PR process hassle-free for you, they even provide the facility of IELTS classes. is a popular name amongst IELTS aspirants, and they provide a wealth of study materials for all four areas of the IELTS exam. The course offered incorporates facilities like self-paced video lectures, practice tests, mock tests, and eBooks with recent actual questions and sample answers. Apart from that, the course content is rich in IELTS strategies and instructions on how to approach various question types and structure your answers.

Post ITA assistance GIS’s consulting service is not limited to application submission and processing. The consultants at GIS assist you in acquiring police and medical clearance certificates. Additionally, they manage your employment records and proof of financial support documents. Along with that, they also provide job search assistance. They make sure your resume matches the international market’s standards and update it as needed. They also work on your LinkedIn profile and market it in such a way that it reaches out to recruiters directly.


Overall, Global Immigration Services is one of the most dependable and well-known immigration service providers. The organization does not make any promises that they cannot keep, and they give their clients honest advice and ensure that the procedure and service are both transparent and well-structured.

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