Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) completes 25 years. Announces a series of initiatives to mark the occasion in Odisha

• HCCB will enhance manufacturing capacity at its factory in Khorda Industrial Estate with an investment of Rs. 300 crores o This will create employment opportunities for another 200 people • HCCB will plant 1 lakh saplings in Odisha to celebrate 25 years • It will further expand the intake numbers of youth to its Career Development Center, which skills to enhance employability

Bhubaneshwar  – Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB), one of India’s top FMCG companies, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a series of initiatives in Odisha, planned through the year. While it will invest another Rs. 300 crores in expanding manufacturing capacity at its factory in Khorda Industrial Estate, it also plans to plant 1 lakh trees in the state. In addition, HCCB will enhance the intake of educated, unemployed youth to its Career Development Center (CDC). The center imparts skills that enhance the employability of the youth.


HCCB’s factory in Khorda Industrial Estate currently has 5 manufacturing lines that produce juices and sparkling beverages. The company has already invested Rs. 500 crores in this facility. It has now bought an additional land parcel of 20 acres from IDCO to undertake expansion and further augment manufacturing capacity. HCCB will invest another Rs. 300 crores thereby taking the total investment to Rs. 800 crores. The factory employs 550 people directly and 1,000 people indirectly. This expansion will create another 200 jobs.


To commemorate its 25 years of operation in India, HCCB plans to plant 25 lakh trees across the country including 1 lakh trees in the state of Odisha. This is over and above the 13,000 fully grown up trees at the Khorda factory.


Mr. Neeraj Garg, Chairman & CEO, HCCB, said “a company of the scale and size of HCCB gets built by a lot of people coming together, and lending their hand. So, I am thankful to each one that touched HCCB and shaped it. We tremendously value the support and encouragement that we have received in the state. The additional investment of Rs. 300 crore is reaffirming our commitment to the state and aimed at creating more opportunities for mutual growth and development in the state. For us, progress goes hand in hand with sustainable practices and hence the focus on green ecosystem, green energy etc.”


Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer, said, “we are all very excited about what lies ahead of us. 25 years is an important milestone given that this has also been a period of significant change. With the announcements that we make today, we set the path to a more inclusive, participative, and sustainable business and a win-win for our community and the entire value chain.”

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