Government Reveals Exclusive Presence of 10 ‘Black Tigers’ in India, All Residing in Odisha’s Similipal

New Delhi, Dec 21 : In a recent disclosure to the Parliament, the government unveiled a fascinating revelation regarding the presence of ten rare “black tigers” in India, all of which are exclusively located within the boundaries of Odisha’s Similipal region.

Ashiwini Kumar Choubey, the Union Minister of State for Environment, highlighted during the Rajya Sabha session that these unique specimens known as “melanistic tigers” have been distinctly documented solely within the confines of the Similipal Tiger Reserve in Odisha.

Detailing the results derived from the 2022 cycle of the pan-India tiger estimation exercise, Choubey specified that among the 16 tigers identified within the Similipal Tiger Reserve, an impressive count of 10 tigers showcase melanism.

The revelation of the existence of these melanistic tigers, a rare genetic variation resulting in a darker pigmentation, has sparked intrigue and further underscored the ecological significance of the Similipal region within India’s wildlife landscape.

The exclusivity of these black tigers to this particular reserve serves as a testament to the biodiversity and distinctive features encompassed within the Similipal Tiger Reserve, warranting continued attention and conservation efforts to protect these rare and remarkable creatures.

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