Gopalpur Port takes precautionary measures to prevent the ingress of COVID – 19 from Port

Gopalpur: Gopalpur Ports Limited (GPL) has taken all precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID – 19. A detailed process has been established wherein continuous monitoring and screening all foreign and domestic ships and ship’s crew in addition to the directives and instructions received from the Directorate General of Shipping (Union Ministry of Shipping) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfares of Government of India.

Any vessel that has its port of origin from Countries listed by Government of India such as China, Korea, Japan, Italy etc are being quarantined for 14 days. After 14 day quarantine, the crew of the vessel is checked for any symptoms and if required tested. For vessels other than the impacted countries, pre-arrival reporting form declaring good health of all crew is sought 24 hours prior to arrival from the shipmaster to prevent the spread of the COVID – 19

In addition the Port has also developed its ownstandard operating procedures (SOP) measures such as and is complying with International Maritime Organizations (IMO) and World Health Organization (WHO) reporting form – “Maritime Declaration of Health” and Port of call list that are being scrutinized by Port health and marine team on a 24×7 basis. It has also taken an additional precaution by recording body temperature of all crew members of the foreign ship’s inside port limit on daily twice basis. (06:00hrs and 18:00hrs) till the departure of the vessel from the port. An isolation wardhas been created and non-contact infrared temperature guns, N-95 face masks, disposable gloves & caps, fully equipped ambulance with 3 paramedics available round the clock and spraying of de-contaminant liquid (Sodium Hypochlorite) is being done on ship’s boarding area for embarkation/disembarkation of operation staff. GPL has undertaken a number of measures to educate its employees and workmen on hygiene measures to avoid spread of Corona Virus.

The GPL has put in place all preventive measures since the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus. The Port carried out mock drills and preparedness drive at port premises in presence of Ganjam district health administration and MKCG Government Hospital teams on February 05. On March 12, the Indian Coast Guard Officialsvisited the port and felt satisfactory over the port’s readiness to handle the COVID – 19.

Fully sanitized Marine pilot is boarding with a full body covered surgical protection suit during his operation on a vessel. All port staffs engaged in any kind of operations at berth area have been given face masks and hand-sanitizers before and after operations.

The Gopalpur port authority is committed to providing a safe and contamination-free environment to its people and peripheral villages and it is fully prepared to prevent the spread COVID – 19.

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