Get Visa Even Before A Job Offer

Getting a visa is difficult especially if you do not have a valid reason. Previously a reason like you want to visit a country to search for a job was considered invalid for getting a job but not anymore. Few countries are offering visas before the applicant has a job in hand.   In recent times, it has become one of the most popular study destinations and the impact of it is visible in the employment rate which is 91% after graduation and it is higher than other European averages. 


The chances of getting a job in a foreign country naturally increase if the student has received the degree from the same country. However, sometimes the new graduates are sometimes pushed back to give the local employees a better work opportunity. This perhaps is untrue for Germany that is experiencing a labour gap. In India, on the contrary, the unemployment rate is high and the government is organizing events like Bodoland Lottery for helping the needy people and the result for the same can be checked in different Teer Result. As a result of the labour gap, Germany has pushed its Federal Government to hire foreigners for different skilled jobs. 

Labour Gap 

Currently, many countries are experiencing a labour gap in numerous sectors including textiles, shipbuilding, food and beverages, machinery, IT, coal, machine tools and vehicles. In addition to that, it wants to hire more people in other booming industries of the country that includes banking and tourism, high-tech manufactured products, telecoms and the automotive industry. The above-mentioned sectors complete almost all the sectors and provide an individual with a wide number of options to choose from. Currently, to close this labour gap, many countries are welcoming skilled and qualified immigrants from all over the globe. The individual has the option to find a job that suits them the best and settle in the country for work in the long term. 

Who Is Eligible For This  Visa?

For grabbing this opportunity, an individual will have to meet a few criterias that include either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from either a University or another foreign university that is equivalent to it. The individual also needs to have five years of work experience in the field in which they want to work and that field should have a demand in the labour market of many countries are. In addition to that, the individual should have the minimum required funds to stay in many countries are for six months when searching for a job. Lastly, the person needs to have medical or travel insurance for the entirety of the stay. 

Which Are The Required Documents?

A total of ten documents are required when filing for this visa. The list includes a completely filled Visa application form, valid passport, copy of passport data page, three passport photos, cover letter, CV, documents of academic qualification, accommodation proof, health insurance proof and financial resources proof. After the required documents are submitted, one needs to wait for 4-6 weeks for approval. The entire process for getting the Visa involves four simple steps. Firstly, the application form needs to be completed. Secondly, an appointment needs to be booked with the Embassy and the required documents need to be gathered and submitted. Finally, the fees should be submitted to complete the application. 

What Happens After You Get A Job?

After getting employed using the job seeker Visa,  the individual needs to apply for an employment residence permit. The employment residence permanent can be acquired either by applying for EU Blue Card or Employment Residence Permit. To get an EU Blue Card, the employee should have an employment offer of at least 34,944 euros annually. On top of it, one also becomes eligible to apply for permanent residence in just 33 months on the Eu Blue Card. However, the time duration for getting a permanent residence permit can be reduced to 21 months by proving language skills. In the second option where the individual needs to apply for an Employment Residence Permit, the employer will sponsor the employee. After five years, the employee becomes eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit. Later, visas can also be issued for the entire family via the Family Reunion Long Term Visa.

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