Gandhiji’s socio-economic impact is as striking as his political impact says Odisha Governor

Bhubaneswar: Now in the 21st century, Gandhiji is a world phenomenon. It means, as if he has been reborn. The world knows that Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and a host of the geniuses of the world have followed the footprints of the great Mahatma. Former South African President Nelson Mandela had acknowledged the debt of his country’s struggle against apartheid to Gandhian thought and principles, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir. Speaking in National Conference on “Remembering Mahatma Gandhi: Compassion and Relevance for our times” at Xavier University City Campus Governor said, Gandhiji’s dedication to non-violence (Ahimsa) was uncompromising. The non-violence, as always in Gandhian thought, meant not only avoiding violent action, but cleaning the heart of hatred and bitterness. The world has recognized Gandhiji’s principle of non-violence as United Nations honoured him by declaring 2nd October, his birth anniversary as International day of Non-violence. In the current perspective, when globalization is on rise day-by-day. Gandhian view fully imbued by non-violence, has special significance for those fighting or working for peace at the global level. It is because Gandhian view accepts all the spheres of human life as the essential parts of an ‘Indivisible Whole’, Governor observed. Stressing upon the relevance of Gandhian thoughts Governor said, Gandhi accepted the reality of interconnectedness of all spheres of life and discussed their essential and inevitable effect on one-another and, therefore, called for solution of conflict, disputes, problems and struggles without any prejudice. He particularly inspired and encouraged people to be ready to action to win justice, freedom and equality on the basis of high human values, particularly non-violence. Gandhiji called for readiness to compromise always, but without surrendering self-respect, and by abiding to truth and morality.Gandhiji’s socio-economic impact is as striking as his political impact. The impact of Gandhi’s call was most dramatic in the case of women’s participation in public life and their emancipation. Governor added. Prof. Dr. Fr. Paul Fernades, Vice-Chancellor, Xavier University and Prof. Fr. EA Augustine, Registrar spoke on the occasion. Governor unveiled statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the campus.

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