Galgotias Educational Institutions Captivate 25,000 Attendees with Vintage Themed Unifest 2024

National, April 11, 2024: Galgotias Educational Institutions recently unfolded a spectacular celebration of culture and heritage, hosting the iconic Unifest 2024 on April 5th and 6th. This year’s theme, ‘Vintage,’ drew over 25,000 attendees, marking a significant milestone in North India’s cultural festivities.

The festival commenced with the performance by the esteemed playback singer Mr. Javed Ali. His vocals, spanning various Indian languages, resurrected the timeless beauty of the vintage era, leaving the audience spellbound.

Unifest 2024 boasted an array of events designed to captivate and engage, including ‘Walkvista,’ a glamorous fashion showcase; ‘Swarotsav,’ a melodious face-off, dynamic dance displays, engaging ‘Nukkad Naataks’, and a photography contest that vividly captured the essence of yesteryears.

Performances by students from Galgotias added to the vibrancy of the event, showcasing their diverse talents. The festival concluded with a performance by the noted musician Mr. Akhil Sachdeva, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Unifest 2024 not only paid homage to the timeless charm of the vintage era but also highlighted the rich cultural tapestry of Galgotias Educational Institutions. Through a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the festival forged unforgettable memories and promoted a sense of community and harmony among all who were part of it.

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