Former Coach Ravi Shastri Affirms India’s T20 World Cup Potential Despite Recent Setback

Ravi Shastri Optimistic About India's T20 World Cup Prospects Despite Recent Loss

Former Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri expressed his belief in India’s potential as a formidable contender in the upcoming T20 World Cup, despite the recent setback faced by the team in a high-stakes final against Australia. Speaking at the registration launch of the Indian Street Premier League in Mumbai, Shastri emphasized the significance of triumphing in crucial knockout games to secure victory in major tournaments.

Reflecting on India’s unbeaten streak leading up to the final clash in Ahmedabad, Shastri acknowledged the disappointment within the country’s cricket community following the one-sided outcome against Australia. Despite India’s impressive journey to the final, Shastri highlighted the inherent challenges of claiming victory on the grand stage of a World Cup, drawing parallels to the prolonged quest for success experienced by legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

“Nothing comes easy,” Shastri remarked, underscoring the arduous nature of winning a World Cup. He referenced Tendulkar’s six World Cup appearances before securing a coveted victory, emphasizing the necessity for exceptional performance on the significant day of the tournament.

Shastri’s remarks echo a sense of optimism and determination within the Indian cricket fraternity, affirming the team’s capabilities while recognizing the critical importance of delivering standout performances during crucial tournament moments. As the cricket world eagerly anticipates the upcoming T20 World Cup, Shastri’s insights shed light on the complexities and demands of achieving triumph in elite cricket tournaments.

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