FICCI FLO and Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation join hands to Preserve Chilika Lake

Bhubaneswar, : FICCI FLO, the Ladies Organization of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) announced its collaboration with the Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation to support the preservation of Chilika Lake, one of Odisha’s largest brackish water lagoons. In a joint effort to address the issue of waste disposal, FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar and the Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation donated dustbins to the Satpada Boat Association and Satpada commercial shops.

Speaking on the matter Poonam Mohapatra, Chairman, FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar said, “Chilika Lake is not only a significant tourist attraction but also a vital ecosystem supporting a diverse range of marine life. Unfortunately, the lake has been facing a growing problem of pollution due to the improper disposal of waste by tourists. We are confident that the dustbins we have donated will make it convenient for the tourists to dispose garbageand can make a significant impact on preserving the natural treasures of Chilika Lake.”

Plastic bottles, glasses, paper, cans, and other non-biodegradable garbage have been damaging the lake’s ecosystem and threatening its marine inhabitants. The 95 dustbins donated by FICCI FLO and the Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation will help to combat this pressing issue. These dustbins will be placed in the boats which will enable tourists to dispose of their waste responsibly during their boat rides. The collected waste will be further managed and treated by the Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation.

FICCI FLO is a national organization focused on empowering women and promoting their participation in economic and social development. FLO works towards creating a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders across various industries.

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