Experience Growth and Financial Security with Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s Promise4Growth

A Unit Linked Individual Savings Life Insurance Plan launched by the Company

New Delhi  – Canara HSBC Life Insurance introduces Promise4Growth, a new Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) designed for customers embarking on a journey towards financial prosperity and security. The product underscores our commitment towards providing holistic financial solutions, seamlessly integrating lucrative investment avenues with comprehensive protection.

“Promise4Growth” from Canara HSBC Life Insurance provides unparalleled flexibility, an array of investment options including a new fund – “Midcap Momentum Growth Index Fund”, and substantial growth prospects for the individuals. With Promise4Growth, customers can chart a course towards financial prosperity, empowered by the ability to select from multiple funds and seamlessly switch between the available funds to navigate various economic cycles and milestones.

Mr. Rishi Mathur, Chief Distribution Officer – Alternate Channels and Chief Strategy Officer, Canara HSBC Life Insurance said, “We’re excited to unveil Promise4Growth, our latest ULIP product tailored to meet the diverse financial goals of individuals. With Promise4Growth, we’re proud to present expanded investment opportunities including a new fund targeting midcap stocks. We have crafted a product with very limited charges, return of mortality charges and significant boosters to enhance the returns of policyholders. We hope the new product will fulfill the financial aspirations of our customers. It exemplifies our commitment to supporting customers on their financial journey, offering customized solutions that align with their financial aspirations and carefully tailored to their needs.”

The latest offering caters to diverse financial needs with three unique plan options – Promise4Wealth, Promise4Care, and Promise4Life – each aligned with different savings goals and life stages. The Return of Mortality Charges (RoMC) while ensuring transparency adds a significant value to the life insurance policies and epitomizes the essence of trust that defines our commitment as a life insurance company.  The Premium Funding Benefit ensures uninterrupted savings contributions in absence of a policyholder providing a complete peace of mind. Additionally, Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters regularly boost fund values, enhancing the plan’s overall value proposition.

For added flexibility and liquidity, the plan comes with “Systematic Withdrawal” and “Milestone Withdrawal” options. Multiple fund options to choose and portfolio management choices, policyholders can optimize their returns according to their specific preferences. Furthermore, the plan provides increased flexibility in premium payment and policy terms, allowing customization as per the requirements and investment objectives.

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