Economic policies by governments will shape the trajectory of recovery: Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI

New Delhi: Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI today addressed the virtually organized ILO Global Summit: COVID 19 and the World of Work as the ILO celebrated Global Leaders Day. This event featured addresses from more than 80 Heads of State and Government, prominent global employer and trade union leaders on the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic in the world of work.

Dr Reddy mentioned in her address that, “We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. The impact for those in the informal sector, the job loss, the fact they have no safety margin and no safety net, these are things which have acutely come to our notice. It is time for us to swing into action, analyse the structure of what we have and significantly look at what we can do about the challenge in job loss, especially in the informal sector and among the youth. The economic policies by governments will shape the trajectory of recovery.”

She further emphasized that we need to work with the multilateral system. “Businesses need demand stimulation, productivity, competitiveness and restarting of global economic trade,” added Dr Reddy.

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