DOES 2020 MATTER? is a group Exhibition which is held in Lalit Kala Akademi

New Delhi: DOES 2020 MATTER? is a group Exhibition which is held in Lalit Kala Akademi,.Ferozshah Road, Copernicus Marg,Mandi House, ,New Delhi from 31 st December to 6 th January. This show is a confluence of diverse set up of ideas
and identity through their art practicing in Delhi. In these exhibition six artists has displayed their work of art along with different idea, concept and styles.

These artists are practicing work of art in the ambience of cosmopolitan nurture. The entire artists got thrilled and fascinated to depict the changing behaviour of humans and other creatures, ecological imbalance within the purview of changing cosmopolitan ethos which happens due to avid desire for
rapid human development. The participated artists are Mr.Ajay Mohanty, Banoj Mohanty, Biswajit Panda, Deepak Bakshi, Manoj Mohanty and Sambit Panda.

Mr.Mohanty who deals with geometrical shapes and symbols to give details and incorporate bold colour sphere without any hesitation. He portrayed his philosophical thoughts in his work, which is reflected here. Banoj Mahanoy’s paintings are very unique in composition and concept. He has been inspired from the daily life and movement of the people struggling for their
survival in an urban city. Biswajit Panda’s work is interestingly crafting an artifice through hundreds of unconventional lines, textures and layers of squashy colour. When an artist does the practice of cosmic meditation and cosmic energy. Deepak Bakshi in his series of work is portraying the happenings of the world through his vision. He assumed the shining of a
cityscape and the way how the city is breathing in daily life scenario. Manoja Mohanty’s paintings are somewhat figurative and his mastery drawing skills has eflected here. He is very much fascinated to take environmental issues and societal happenings and Mr.Sambit Panda’s paintings and drawings reflect his
interest in the minutiae of life. He magnifies the ordinary imagery, be it chairs, objects or even a humble housefly with iridescent wings perched on a shadowy mesh. The intricacy of execution is coupled with a play of light and shade to give new meaning as he experiments with minimalism and detail along with linked to literature.

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