Defying dialysis, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation engineer on job for post-Fani reconstruction work

Bhubaneswar: For him the job on site after the cyclonic devastation was more important than his ailing health.
Meet Subash Chandra Jena, assistant executive engineer with Division II of the Engineering Wing of BMC, who, defying his difficulties and pain from the post-dialysis situations, could join the job on field as the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) in a Team spirit, worked tirelessly to rebuild the ravaged city after the severe cyclonic storm Fani hit the city on May 3.
In the time of cyclone Fani while the city saw the most severe attack ever of the furious tropical winds and the devastations were spread everywhere, a group of engineers under 13 sector officials were on job to revive the heartbroken state capital.
A patient with kidney ailment since December, 2018, Jena is on dialysis for two days in a week, i.e. Monday and Friday and spending over three to four hours in the dialysis unit at a city-based hospital.
Interestingly, despite the handicap on the health front, he continued his duty from 6 am next morning after taking dialysis to see that his assigned areas are having smooth operations of tree cutting, road clearing, and green garbage lifting, municipal solid waste lifting and over all coordination with the other line departments.
The sector officer for Smart City District comprising Ward No. 30, 34 and 41 Saroj Kumar Swain, said “Engineer Jena was assigned the responsibilities in Ward No. 30 and 34 and he did shouldered the responsibilities with dedication and sincerity. Despite having dialysis sessions on two days in the evening hours, he continued to attend his responsibilities the next morning. I am happy that we could get a person like him in the post-cyclone reconstruction phase.’’
It can be mentioned here that the civic body had deployed a massive force of officials, engineers, vehicles and hired vehicles for the restoration work after the severe cyclonic hit the city on May 3. In association with Public Works Department, NDRF, Odisha Fire Service, ODRAF, OFDC, Water Resources, Energy, Revenue and Disaster Mitigation, Housing and Urban Development and Commissionerate Police more than 2,000 trips of garbage were lifted in a day with deployment of over 700 vehicles and 3,000 work force.
Engineer Jena said “we are still on job as the lifting of green garbage is still under protest. I am proud that I got such a nice team to work with and also our work means so much for the people of this beautiful city.’’

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