Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Advocates “Double Engine Sarkar” for Odisha’s Progress


In a recent public address at Ambapua near Berhampur town in Odisha, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized the necessity of a “double engine” government in the state to ensure steady progress in alignment with the nation’s development trajectory.

Addressing a gathering comprising party workers from five Lok Sabha segments – Berhampur, Aska, Bhubaneswar, Kandhamal, and Puri – Singh reiterated the importance of collaborative governance to accelerate growth and prosperity.

Singh’s remarks underscore the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) vision for Odisha’s socio-economic advancement, advocating for synchronized efforts between the central and state administrations to drive holistic development.

The call for a “double engine” government echoes the party’s commitment to leveraging both central and state resources to propel Odisha towards prosperity, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of cooperative federalism.

As discussions surrounding Odisha’s political landscape intensify, Singh’s endorsement of a synergistic governance model reflects BJP’s strategic aspirations and underscores its determination to usher in transformative changes in the state’s developmental narrative.



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