Come celebrate at Kala Bhoomi- Odisha Crafts Museum!

Bhubaneswar: The 4th of August was an exciting day at Kala Bhoomi! With over 140 visitors on campus, they also had a very special group that dropped by. A
young boy celebrated his 11th birthday on campus with his family and friends. The first of many birthdays, the team at Kala Bhoomi hopes that the museum
becomes a favourite spot amongst parents for such celebrations. A mix of fun and learning, the celebration today had a guided walk, Handlooms trail as well
as a Terracotta workshop. The party started off with a traditional Odia lunch and cake cutting at the Kala Bhoomi canteen.
As no birthday party is complete without a few games, the children got a chance to play in the children’s play area which has a life-sized Snakes and
Ladders, Ludo and Chess. A particular favourite with youngsters, the chess board has Harry Potter inspired pieces. The children also got a chance to
partner with their parents and compete against their friends as they completed the museum kit. A kit specially designed for children, they went around the
Handlooms gallery solving the questions as correctly and as fast as possible.
While doing this, they not only learnt about the different silks and natural dyes found in the state but also interacted with tribal fabrics and sarees to find
motifs that matched. The birthday party ended with a Terracotta session where the children created pots and made hand models of different animals while the parents
enjoyed a cup of chai and pakoda at the canteen. A fun and lively day at the museum, the campus was full of children, adults, music and rain!
For those interested in celebrating their birthday on the Kala Bhoomi campus, you have to simply email them at [email protected] or
call them at 08046809358 and they will curate a day specially for your loved ones!

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