CM Shivraj Chouhan plants Banyan, Neem and Karanj saplings in Smart City Garden

New Delhi : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan with the members of Laxmi Narayan Health Welfare Society Anandam Club planted Banyan, Neem and Karanj saplings in the Smart City Garden. CM Shri Chouhan with Shri Lokendra Parashar planted a sapling of Banyan tree and greeted him on his birthday.

Along with Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, members of Laxmi Narayan Health Welfare Society Anandam Club Shri Mohan Soni, Shri Vijay Iyer, Dr. Zeeshan Hanif and Shri Shahab Saleem also planted saplings. Shri Prateek Soni and Shri Sarthak Soni, were among the members who planted saplings. The team included senior citizen Dadi Saraswati, Sarvshri Madan Babani, Purshottam Soni, Asudo Lachhmani and Ayan Khan as well.

Laxmi Narayan Health Welfare Society Anandam Club

Members of Anandam Club have adopted Anganwadis of Bairagarh Sabzi Mandi and Gandhinagar Gond Basti and made them ideal Anganwadis. The club has given a new look to Anganwadis through their renovation and painting alongside fans, computers, internet, television and CD players. Water filter machine has been installed in Anganwadi for clean and pure water. Two Anandam centres have also been set up. The goal is to ensure that not a single child should remain deprived of education in Bairagarh, Gandhi Nagar and Lalghati areas. Every child must study and should not scumb to intoxication. 186 families have enjoyed financial assistance from the organization who were rendereel jobless during the tough times of corona pandemic. Contribution is being made continuously by the organisation in the interest of society. The members of the organisation also help in the treatment of injured and sick people on the roads, footpaths. They rescue people and animal who fall into wells, pitts and other places and provide them with treatment. For any such assistance, the Secretary of the organisation Shri Mohan Soni can be contacted on mobile no. 07869536279, 09893878633.

Importance of plants

Banyan has religious significance. According to Ayurveda, the treatment of many diseases is possible from the banyan tree. Neem, abounding in antibiotic elements, is known for its medicinal qualities. Along with its usage in religious activities Karanj holds huge significance in Ayurvedic medicine.

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