CM Naveen Patnaik writes to PM Narendra Modi seeking interim assistance of Rs 1000 crore to expedite #CycloneTitli restoration works

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik writes to PM Narendra Modi seeking interim assistance of Rs 1000 crore to expedite Titli restoration works. Odisha govt submits memorandum to Centre estimating requirement Rs 2770 crore including Rs 2014 crore from Centre for rehabilitation works.

In a letter to PM Narendra Modi, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik, said, “As you are aware, the state of Odisha has been intensely affected by the Very Severe Cyclonic Storm “TITLI” that made landfall on 11th October, 2018 at Palasa of Andhra Pradesh near Gopalpur of Ganjam district in Odisha. The storm and the subsequent flood have caused damage and destruction in 17 districts of Odisha. A non-coastal district namely Gajapati has been the worst affected.”

“Besides, the cyclone and floods, a massive landslide occurred in Mahendragiri hill which completely destroyed one village namely Baraghara under Gangabada G.P of Gajapati district. As many as 57 persons lost their lives in different districts and 10 persons are reported missing due to landslides, wall collapse and drowning. About 60.11 lakh people have been affected,” he added.

Patnaik further said, “Besides the loss of lives, there has been extensive damage to both private and public properties. 57.131 private houses have been damaged and standing crops in about 2.73 lakh hectares of land have suffered extensive damage. The damage to the electrical infrastructure in Ganjam and Gajapati districts is immense. Also, extensive damage of roads in rural and urban areas has occurred. These need to be repaired on an urgent basis.”

The CM further said, “We have submitted a Preliminary Memorandum to the Government of India estimating the requirement of funds as Rs 2770.28 crores and seeking central assistance of Rs 2014.09 crores from the National Disaster Response Fund over and above the funds available in the State Disaster Response Fund for the year 2018-19.”


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