City Slum dwellers grapple with WASH Issues

71.8% of tubewells in Bhubaneswar slums were found defunct, reveals study report

Bhubaneswar  – A recent study conducted by Bhubaneswar Bikash Sangathan and Atmashakti Trust sheds light on the dire water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) situation faced by slum dwellers in Bhubaneswar. The study, “Building Slums Better,” which was conducted as part of their Swachh Basti Abhiyan ( SBA), surveyed 370 slums across 61 wards, encompassing 88,916 households within the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) area limit where the findings are deeply concerning.
According to the study report, a staggering 22.7% (84 slums) of the surveyed areas are grappling with severe problems of contaminated drinking water, posing significant health risks to the residents. Shockingly, 12.7% (47 slums) reported muddy drinking water, indicating the presence of suspended particles or sediments. Additionally, 10% (37 slums) are confronted with drinking water contaminated with iron.
Inadequate drainage facilities and structures were also identified as a significant issue. The study found that 11.9% (44 slums) of the surveyed areas lack drainage facilities, leaving residents vulnerable to water accumulation and sanitation issues. Moreover, 15.1% (56 slums) have only partial drainage systems. The survey also identified 9.7% (36 slums) with partly damaged drainage systems.
The study further examined the conditions of tubewells and handpumps, revealing alarming statistics. Among the 227 assessed tubewells/hand pumps, a shocking 71.8% (163 tubewells) were found to be defunct. Additionally, 37.9% (86 tubewells) lacked a platform, and 42.7% (97 tubewells) lacked soak pits. The report highlighted that 5.3% (12 tubewells) were completely damaged, and 7.9% (18 tubewells) were partially damaged.
Regarding the road infrastructure in slums, 11.1% (41 slums) had partial CC roads, and 5.4% (20 slums) lacked any CC roads.
In response to these concerning findings, members of the Sangathan have taken proactive steps to address the issue. They have met with 3 MLAs, MP, over 47 corporators, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development Minister Ms. Usha Devi, ICDS officials, and WATCO representatives and submitted a memorandum urging immediate attention and action to tackle the water and sanitation challenges faced by slum dwellers in Bhubaneswar.

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