Centre formulates ‘Action Plan for Champion Sectors in Services’ to give focused attention to 12 identified Champion Services Sectors

Centre has formulated ‘Action Plan for Champion Sectors in Services’ to give focused attention to 12 identified Champion Services Sectors, namely, Information Technology & Information Technology enabled Services, Tourism & Hospitality Services, Medical Value Travel, Transport & Logistics Services, Accounting and Finance Services, Audio Visual Services, Legal Services, Communication Services, Construction and Related Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Financial Services and Education Services and Rs. 5000 Crores have been earmarked to support sectoral initiatives of the Nodal Ministries/Departments identified for these sectors, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Smt. Anupriya Patel said in reply to a parliament question today.

Government of India follows a multipronged strategy in order to promote trade in services comprising the following:

  1. Negotiating meaningful market access through multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements.
  2. Trade promotion through participation in and organization of international fairs/exhibitions like the Global Exhibition on Services, Higher Education Summit etc. Focused strategies are undertaken for specific markets and sectors.
  3. Addressing domestic sectoral challenges and difficulties which are identified through periodic consultations with the stakeholders. Moreover, efforts are made to engage with the concerned Ministries/Departments to pursue a domestic reform agenda to make the services sector competitive globally.
  4. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set up a dedicated Services Sector Division Council (SSDC) to formulate Indian Standards in various Services Sectors, especially Champion Services Sectors. Wherever possible, the Indian Standards are harmonized with international standards for ensuring that quality of services match global expectations. BIS has already published 143 standards on services till Jan.’ 2023
  5. Districts as Export Hubs Initiative highlights the need to channelize the potential and diverse identity in each District of the country to make them export hubs. Under this initiative, the Department of Commerce through Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) works with the States/UTs and the districts directly to create institutional mechanisms to facilitate exports of identified products/services from the districts. Products and services with export potential have been identified in all districts of the country in consultation with all the stakeholders including the States/UTs

As all exporting units are situated in the territory of various States/UTs across India, in all exports, including services exports, there is a direct and indirect contribution of States/UTs. States/UTs wise services exports of SEZ units situated in various States/UTs is Annexed.


 Services Exports (in Rs. Cr)
State 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 (till Dec22)
Karnataka 1,20,969 1,30,742 1,60,576 1,46,465
Tamil Nadu 93,740 1,02,344 1,15,975 1,10,166
Maharashtra 99,343 1,07,090 1,19,833 1,08,517
Telangana 71,022 78,111 97,180 94,920
Haryana 25,958 25,057 25,514 24,153
Uttar Pradesh 21,653 22,384 27,068 23,919
West Bengal 16,586 16,838 18,473 14,999
Kerala 12,059 12,992 16,392 14,706
Gujarat 5,507 5,099 6,454 6,542
Odisha 1,718 2,164 2,630 2,486
Chandigarh 2,597 2,572 2,605 2,279
Madhya Pradesh 722 969 1,592 2,055
Punjab 1,029 1,295 1,715 1,515
Andhra Pradesh 426 595 623 1,438
Rajasthan 1,179 1,306 1,411 1,220
Total 4,74,508 5,09,558 5,98,043 5,55,380

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