BSA Ladybird completes landmark 25 years of success – empowering millions of young girls

New Delhi: BSA’s Ladybird, India’s first bicycle brand for girls, completes 25 years of success in the market. Under the BSA banner of Tube Investments of India Limited, Ladybird cycles continue to be preferred for features such as elegance and feminine charm. These cycles have been and continue to be, popular amongst the Indian Tween girls.


For over two and a half decade, the brand has empowered girls to be independent, responsible and given a sense of ownership during a phase where tween girls are figuring out their individuality, identity and standing in the society.


On the product front, BSA has offered a wide range of customer-centric bicycles, which is known for being stylish, yet fun, practical, reliable and user friendly. With Anti Slip Chain, cushioned saddles, soft hand-grips, step-through frames, easy-glide hubs, front basket and many more features, the brand takes pride in offering a comfortable ride for its young, unstoppable consumers.


Announcing the silver jubilee milestone, KK Paul, President, TI Cycles of India, said, “Fun, freedom, energy, style and comfort are some of the values that define the BSA Ladybird. Over the last 25 years, BSA Ladybird has not just partnered a girl’s self-determined quest for independence, but also been an extension of her personality and style statement. Over the last decade alone, 3.5 million young girls and women have experienced the joy of riding a BSA Ladybird Cycle. To celebrate this feeling, we are releasing a film, in which we have attempted to capture how early experiences and childhood, evolve us. In order for women to pursue their dreams, it is imperative for us to acknowledge the importance of freedom for the girls, at the right time, to emerge stronger than ever. Today, we thank them for trusting and including us in their journey of growth.”


The celebratory film, titled, ‘Fun Turns 25’, which captures the essence of BSA Ladybird, can be viewed here –


Behind the success of BSA Ladybird is a hardworking and dedicated team with a vision of providing the highest quality of products and service. Over the years, this team has dedicated themselves to product innovation, manufacturing efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction. BSA cycles are manufactured at the Ambattur and Rajpura plant and sold through 2500 dealerships PAN India including its very own Track and Trail retail channel present across 190 dealerships across the country. Girls aged 8-15 are its primary customers and it is most often used to go to school, tuition classes, hanging out with their friends or just riding out to explore and craft their own experiences.


BSA believes in promoting cycling for all. Besides young girls, it has a range of cycles catering to kids as well. Making cycling fun will help more kids to learn this skill which helps in spurring a motor development and provides other benefits like increased confidence, better sense of independence, the desire to explore new places and good social skills. It also has the added benefit of keeping our children active and fit.


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