BMC to establish more than 100 water kiosks or Jala Seva Shibirs

Bhubaneswar, March 23: To beat the summer heat and help citizens quenching their thirst during the gruelling sunny afternoons, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation in association with several organisations across the city is going to establish more than 100 water kiosks or Jala Seva Shibirs.
The facility will start from April 1. Each water kiosk would have three earthen pots of 60 to 70 litres of capacity to contain cold, potable water. Till last year BMC was supplying two earthen pots to each Jala Seva Shibir.
However, during the meeting chaired by BMC Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena, many prospective participants said that with two water pots it was difficult to manage people’s need as at many places water scarcity was noticed by 2 pm as the temperature rises. Listening to the discussion Mayor announced that this year three earthen pots would be supplied to each Jala Seva Shibir.
From among the major organisations present at BMC Conference Hall to discuss the Jala Seva Shibir, included Lions Club, Satyasai Seva Trust, Pradeep Seva Trust, Theosophical Order of Service the Mahabharat Group, Bhubaneswar Auto Rickshaw Maha Sangh, Green Chillies, social service organisation SAHA, Saisab India Foundation, Siddhi Binayak Trust, Odisha Bhinnakshyam Bhagabat Sevashram, Pravesika Forum, Ganesh Bazar Auto Malik Sangh, St Jones Ambulance Odisha, Nikhil Utkal Kshyudra Byabasayi Mahasangh, Vishwa Jeevan Sangh, Youth For Social Work, Sashtri Nagar Unnayan Parishad.
From the above organisations Bhubaneswar Auto Rickshaw Maha Sangh would put up Jala Seva Shibirs at 38 locations or even more. The total number will be more than 100 as many organisations promised Mayor to increase their participation as this year the summer might be quite difficult with a world-wide trending of high temperature due to climate change and global warming effects.
The meeting was attended, among others Deputy Mayor K. Shanti and senior BMC officials including all Zonal Deputy Commissioners.
As innovative ideas always matter during the preparatory meeting of Jala Seva Shibir, Satya Sai Seva Trust suggested provision of water for animals and birds at many places so that they could quench their thirst just like human beings. They, especially urged all the stakeholders to have water pots above roofs for the birds.
Similarly, Pradeep Seva Trust suggested for first aid centre and sun stroke relief centres at some major Jala Seva Shibirs to help the citizens and especially the working class and pedestrians. (EOM)

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