BJP alleges Cabinet reshuffle not in Odisha’s interest, says pact between BJD, Congress

Bhubaneswar: BJP says pact between Odisha BJD, Congress. BJP Spokes person Sajjan Sharma says pact between BJD & Cong evident as CM Naveen Patnaik visits Delhi on a day when OPCC members too meet party leader.

He alleged BJD supremo and CM Naveen Patnaik would have a say in selection of OPCC chief. BJD has made plans to ride on Congress shoulder in the 2019 elections, adds BJP’s Sameer Mohanty.

BJP Spokes person Sajjan Sharma alleges Cabinet reshuffle not in State’s interest, but for BJD. Swargadwar land grabber is now Revenue minister, says Sajjan Sharma. He alleged that Man responsible for failure of tiger project is Forest minister. One who defies to submit details of wife’s property. A person who mocks at farmers is Agriculture minister alleges Sajjan Sharma.

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