BJD says BJP election manifesto full of lies, falsehood; BJD asked 15 questions to BJP

Bhubaneswar: The ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) on Sunday said the BJP election manifesto for Odisha which was released earlier today is full of lies and false promises.

“Just as the 2014 election manifesto was full of lies and falsehood, the 2019 election manifesto of BJP succeeds it with bigger lies and falsehood,” the BJD said.

BJP had promised special state status to Odisha, second bridge on Brahmani river & ISPAT Medical College in its 2014 manifesto, but all are missing in its manifesto for 2019, says BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra .

BJD asked fifteen questions to the saffron party. The questions are

Why is the promise of special category status for Odisha which was present in 2014 manifesto missing in the 2019 manifesto of BJP? Does it not want Odisha to have Special Category status? For how long does the BJP want to try and fool the people of Odisha. The people of Odisha have seen through this and would give a resounding reply to the BJP in the 2019 elections.
Why are Brahmani second bridge and Ispat Super Speciality Hospital and Medical College missing from the 2019 election manifesto of BJP? Does the BJP not want people of Rourkela and western Odisha to progress. Why were the promises of providing these to the people of Odisha made when the BJP had no intention to do it in the first place. Is this not falsehood and deceiving the people of Odisha?
Why is the BJP manifesto silent on Mahanadi and Polavaram? Do not the people of Odisha have a right to know about the BJP’s plan of action on Mahanadi and Polavaram especially when it was the BJP which supported Chattisgarh in Mahanadi issue and the BJP supported and provided thousands of crores to Andhra Pradesh on Polavaram issue.
Railways – For how long will the BJP give false promises of developing railways in Odisha though it earns Rs 20,000 crores each year? For how long will it try and hoodwink the people of Odisha by taking 20,000 crores yearly but spending 1000 crores only. For five years, it got free land from Biju Janata Dal Government in Odisha and fifty percent of construction cost for railway development to Nabarangpur and Malkangiri districts. But it did not lift a finger. Now they are making false promises of connecting all districts with railways. When in five years you could not connect these districts, why is the BJP trying to deceive the people with this new Jumla?
Increasing Minimum Support Price for farmers produce by 1.5 times was a false promise made in 2014, why is the BJP wanting to continue this false promise in 2019? Hasn’t it done enough damage to the agricultural sector of India and the nation’s farmers? Instead of providing Rs 2930 per quintal of paddy as demanded by the Biju Janata Dal and also resolved in the Vidhan Sabha of the state, why is the BJP trying to hide its face by continuing the same lie propagated in 2014? The farmers of Odisha will never forgive the BJP for this.
When Odisha’s annual budget is about 1.2 lakh crores, why is BJP coming up with a false promise of 1 lakh crore for irrigation, even when the national irrigation budget by BJP led Centre is not 1 lakh crore? Who is the BJP trying to deceive, hoodwink and mislead by its falsehood?
Why has the BJP’s 2019 election manifesto been silent on the problems of telecommunications and banking facilities in the country? On one hand the BJP has been in Centre for last five years and has done nothing in terms of improving telecommunications and banking facilities for the people of Odisha but now coming up with a bag full of lies, it has forgotten about the basic problems of people having to climb trees and mountains, getting on the rooftops and terraces to get a telecommunication connectivity on their phones. Or when Odisha is one of the most deprived states in banking services, the BJP is silent on that as well despite being in Centre for five years. Does it want to hide its failures by not opening its mouth?
Why is the BJP silent on 2 crore jobs each year and 15 lakh in each account? The BJP in its 2019 election manifesto has promised to provide jobs/employment to each household but in 2014 they had promised to provide 2 crore jobs each year but failed miserably. How long will they lie to the people of Odisha?It had promised during its election rallies that if all black money came to India then each poor person would get easily Rs. 15 lakhs for each account. It never happened and the falsehood continues.
Why is the BJP manifesto of 2019 silent on National Highways development and deceiving people on Coastal Highway? The people of Odisha have seen the deteriorating conditions of the National Highways. The condition of these National Highways is going from bad to worse but it is unfortunate that though in the Centre, the BJP’s manifesto fails to address this issue in the 2019 manifesto. Further, they are again trying to deceive the people of Odisha on Coastal Highway. While the Coastal Highway was declared in 2015, not an inch of work has started on the ground. Putting it in the election manifesto shows the deceiving nature of the BJP. Why does it indulge in such falsehood every day is a question that the people of Odisha are asking the BJP.
Why BJP manifesto is silent on the 33 programmes slashed and 8 programmes primarily KBK Yojana, Back Region Grant Fund and IAP programme stopped by the BJP in Centre? Despite the massive damage that these funds cuts have done to the people of Odisha and the state, the BJP’s manifesto is silent on it which exposes its double-speak and dual-policy on Odisha.
Why is the BJP manifesto indulging in falsehood of trying to double farmer’s income when the Biju Janata Dal Government has doubled farmers income over the past 10 years as per Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) report? Probably the BJP feels that just as it has attempted at deceiving the farmers of Odisha by talking about increasing Minimum Support Price by 1.5 times, they will also succeed with this new falsehood. However the farmers of Odisha will give a befitting reply to the BJP’s false-speak.
Why is the BJP indulging in years in Odisha when it hasn’t been able to make even 5 ports in India over the past 5 years? This sort of Jumla politics is unacceptable to the people of Odisha. 13. Why is the BJP manifesto giving a false pro-Urban Development when the total budget of the state is 1.2 lakh Crore? This shows the deceiving nature of such promises by BJP.
Why does the BJP manifesto of 2019 conspire to reduce health assurance of women in Odisha from 7 lakhs to reducing it to 5 lakhs and depriving them of 2 lakhs of health assurance? What wrong have they done in the eyes of the BJP? The BJP manifesto says that they will implement Ayushman Yojana but in that programme which is a failed health prog now, the women are covered only up to 5 lakhs of health coverage but in Biju Janata Dal Government’s Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY), the health assurance for women is Rs. 7 lakhs which is two lakhs more than Ayushman. Why does the BJP want to deprive the women of Odisha from 2 lakhs of health coverage?
Why the BJP manifesto is silent on Coal royalty revision, clean energy cess and coal auction funds? Clean Energy Cess and had promised but only gave Rs. 370 crores. The coal royalty revision has also not taken place by the BJP in power in centre and even on that the BJP is silent? Why this conspiracy against the people of Odisha and its development? These fifteen questions lay bare the falsehood of the BJP and its Jumla of election promises made in manifestos of 2014 and again in 2019.
“These fifteen questions lay bare the falsehood of the BJP and its Jumla of election promises made in manifestos of 2014 and again in 2019. Let us wait for some more election Jumlas in another false promise-filled Election manifesto of Odisha want their right and not the false promises of the BJP. The people of Odisha have seen through the deceiving nature of the BJP and will be resounding give it a strong reply in the 2019 elections,” the BJD said.

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