Bhubaneswar: 6-Day Millet Festival Commences At Select Fresh Store & Restaurant

By Debamitra Mishra

On the 77th Independence Day of India, Select Fresh store & restaurant in Bhubaneswar, Odisha commenced a 6-day long celebration of super-food Millet in its various forms. To spread awareness and popularity about the importance of healthy eating, this smart city-based start-up has introduced many lip-smacking delicacies prepared majorly with Millet and other whole foods.

Inaugurated by the diva of Odia Cine world Anu Choudhury and Rudra Narayan Samantaray, Founder, Jai Odisha on 15th August, the day-1 of this Millet Festival introduced some palatable Millet Salads, Chaas, and Soups.

Commenting about the festival and the importance of millet, Anu Choudhury said, “I congratulate Select Fresh for putting up such a great effort to promote millet. Millet is not new to me. While I was a kid, my mother used to prepare a porridge of millet that we call “Mandia Jaau” in Odia. People of Odisha have experienced the nutritional value of millet for a long time.
Recently, when I was working on a movie in the Southern part of Odisha, there I got to experience buttermilk prepared with curd, millet, ginger, and many other healthy additions. After consuming that, not only did I feel hydrated, but it kept me refreshed, energetic and acted as a natural coolant in the scorching heat.”

She further adds, “I always prefer healthy eating. And for people who are brainstorming about what to eat for a healthy life, I would suggest they try and go for millet. And especially at Select Fresh’s store because here one can find a wide range of millet products like noodles, millet kheer, cookies, ladoo, cereal, etc. People can try many dishes of millet at Select Fresh’s restaurant like sandwiches, biryani, soups, and cutlets. My personal favorite is millet khichdi. Millet is an integral part of my food routine now.”

“I applaud the Government of Odisha that it is not only popularizing millet in Odisha and nationally as well as internationally, but it has brought wide recognition and growth for the farmers who are the real heroes behind millet production,” she concludes.

Talking about the Millet Festival at Select Fresh, Sidhartha Sankar Rout said, “The whole world is celebrating the “International Year of Millets 2023”. So, we curated some special Millet dishes and thought to share our journey, efforts and give the people of Bhubaneswar a unique taste at Millet Festival.

We want to make people aware of the goodness of millet and millet-based foods through daily consumption. We aim to reach corporate offices, govt offices, and relevant business places to modify their traditional food habits and practices. Invite them to our place and let them have an experience of all millet foods, give health solutions through proper diet charts, advice from dieticians, etc.”

He further denotes, “Our customers have been our biggest support creating a larger ecosystem of millet consumers and referring to others about our outlets. Influencers, journalists, food lovers, and diet-concerned people have been our brand ambassadors in taking our venture to the next level.

“Recognising our intensive efforts, quality products and availability of a variety of millet-based food items have given a mileage to be on the top,” he signs off.

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