Arrangements for the dissemination of results of Election to the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly

New Delhi: The Election Commission of India has developed an integrated ICT counting application which will display the results on the website and Voter Helpline (Android & iOS) Mobile App. The website will start displaying the results of the General Election to Jharkhand Legislative Assembly with effect from 8 AM onwards on 23rd December 2019. The data is entered by the Returning Officers directly in the centralised software ‘ENCORE’ developed by the Election Commission of India. This application allows the Returning Officers to enter table-wise data in the software, thereby considerably reducing the time and makes the results & trends data error-free.

2. The counting software developed by the ICT team of ECI allows generation of various types of statutory reports during counting process which are mandatory for Returning Officers such as Form-20 Preparation / Compilation of Final Result Sheet, 21-C for Formal Declaration of Result and Return of Election in Form 21-E. The Returning Officers can download these system-generated reports after the counting is over and complete the statutory requirements in a hassle-free environment.

3. The Election Commission of India also launched Election Trends TV, on which the graphically-rich micro-details of result trends are published in real-time. As and when the counting data of each round is entered after officially been declared by the Returning Officers, the data is displayed on the Election Trends TV, without any manual intervention using advanced secure technologies. These panels can be customized and configured, for display automatically in public places using large TV Panels by Returning Officers & Chief Electoral Officer.

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