“Anchoring Brings Your Personna Out More Often”, Says Actor Hussain Kuwajerwala

India’s popular television host and actor Hussain Kuwajerwala shares that he had a ‘great time’ performing in Odisha post pandemic. Speaking to us about Odisha and his experience, he says, “In India, when I go to any part of the country I get so much of love and affection. People know you from your work you have done in the past and people remember so clearly. So that one feeling is very overwhelming for me. Secondly, when you get to travel there is a new India you get to see in every 100 kilometres. So I really feel great about coming to Odisha.”

Hussain, in his career, is known for his witty stage anchoring in Indian Idol seasons, Khul Ja Sim Sim, Kalakarz and many more. His character ‘Chirag Virani’ in ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and his lead role in ‘Kumkum’ as ‘Sumit Wadhwa’ made him a household name in India. He puts the time management factor between tasks as, “More than time management, I believe that correct opportunities are very important for an artist. When that happens, the person manages times accordingly. Luckily I got chance to host some shows, to do of a few fiction shows, to dance on a few reality shows, to do a theatrical show, when you get to play so many shades, you realise what being an artist means. Time management becomes least of the problems then.

Yes, while acting you got to be very oblivious of the fact and forget about the camera and that you are being recorded. But in hosting, your personna comes out more on the platform. While you are doing a fiction, there’s a character that you are portraying. But it’s completely different in anchoring. And moreover, its always the individual approach towards hosting.”

Since entertainment industry is undergoing a huge shift in the post pandemic time, Hussain comments about the adaptation to the new normal. He says, “Firstly, we are adapting to the new normal but at the same time we are not happy because we don’t want this to be called as ‘normal’. Till the time things are okay and vaccines come out, you are safe to people and people are safe to you, its good till then. Its good to go for the time being.”

An artist manager plays a crucial role in the popularity of an artist. Hussain gladly mentions his association with Odisha based artist management organisation Team Albatross and founder Shahbaaz Hashim by saying, “Shahbaaz Hashim is a wonderful guy. This time his team brought me to Odisha. We have worked together in the past now we have the opportunity to work together again. As an artist my expectations would be dependent on the artist manager while traveling to an unknown place, amongst unknown people.
You just return with good experiences and good memories.”

“There nothing currently in the pipeline as of now but hopefully as soon as things get back to normalcy, the bounce back will be with a different energy as we all are awaiting that time,” he concludes.

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