Advantages of Corporate Film Production

In today’s competitive era if you didn’t market enough of your company and product, your business will not be surviving.

For promoting your business there are lots of ways to promote and corporate film production is one of them.

First see Advantages of the Corporate Film Production

According to data a Video can get a more traffic. Around two-third of total traffic comes from video. It is beneficial to use a corporate video for promoting your product and company as well. If there is a video on your website, there is a 75 percent more chance to get a traffic.

If there is no image or video with your content, it will be not share on any social media platform. And everybody knows the video has more share than a link. People share an inspirational message and this give an inspiration. Video has more impact on audience.

Video also helps in SEO. As Google introduces universal searches in 2007, the video is also considered in search result. And for this it is important to make a corporate video of your brand or product to ahead in race and this will help for awareness of your company or product.

Video Creates more Brand Awareness

It is acceptable that a video has more feeling and an emotional touch. You can express happiness, laughter, shock, etc. with a video. You can easily attract your customer with powerful corporate video production. A message or content of video has more impression and memorized more by customers than a simple text.

Video Has High Convert Ratio

Main purpose of video marketing is to convert client from maybe to Yes. It is surveyed that if you have a video on landing page there is eighty percent more chances to convert visitors into customers.

If you have corporate video on your website’s landing page you will get double customer conversion rate.

Video has More ROI

Companies spends lots of budget on marketing and corporate film production is one of them. Making cost of corporate video is more as it represents your company. Major companies got higher ROI on corporate video production. Pixel Technologies one of the leading corporate video makers in Ahmedabad & Provide service all over the world.

Directly Connects with Smart Phones

The number of videos watch on smart phone is growing every year. It has increased by 400 percent in recent years. Reason behind this is increase in smart phones and this increases videos watch on smart phone.

Explanation is Better in Video

The corporate video explains better about your company or product to the customers. People see more videos about product that they want to buy. According to survey there are 98 percent of people watches video before make any purchases.

The corporate video explains your thoughts in plain and simple way with adding of images, sounds and words.

In the corporate video there is simple message and powerful emotion which increases the chance of viewer to call to action.

This call to action is buying your product.

Video should be Funny

You think that why corporate video should be funny?

For making a corporate video production interesting and attractive, add some fun flavors into it.

With the corporate video you can promote your brand in many ways.

For convey your message about your company or product, corporate film production is best.

These are the advantages of corporate film production and it is very important for business growth.

It is suggested to use images in your messages as the message with images can memorize 55 percent more than the normal message.

Invest today in corporate film production to stay ahead in the race than your competitors.

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