Additional Director General of Police addresses about the necessity of traffic sense

Bhopal: Additional Director General of Police Police Training and Research Institute (PTRI) Shri D.C. Sagar has said that it is very important to have traffic sense to prevent accidents. Mr. Sagar was addressing an online training program organized on the topic “Traffic Sense on Accident Gone”. In the training, the nuances related to black spots in road accidents were explained through power point presentation.

ADG Mr. Sagar said that to prevent road accidents, it is necessary to prevent the formation of black spots. For this, the 4-E mentioned in the Road Safety Policy-2015 should be implemented with full devotion. Shri Sagar said that it is necessary to make school students aware to promote traffic sense. It is also necessary to make people aware of the legal provisions for immediately taking the injured people to the hospital and helping those injured in the accident.

ADG Mr. Sagar informed that in the training, information about traffic sense, road accident, black spot, police investigation and crash investigation was provided. District constables to additional superintendent of police participated in the training.

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