Active caseload only 12.10% of Total Positive Cases

New Delhi: India continues to report a trend of steadily decreasing active cases.  For the fourth day after the active cases dropped below the 9L mark after a month, the decline continues unabated.

Presently the active cases comprise merely 12.10% of the total positive cases of the country standing at 8,61,853.

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India is also reporting high number of recoveries. The total recovered cases are close to 61.5 lakhs (61,49,535). The difference between active cases and recovered cases is consistently increasing and stands at 52,87,682  today.

71,559 patients have recovered and discharged in the last 24 hours whereas the new confirmed cases are 66,732. The national Recovery Rate has progressed to 86.36%.

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77% of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 States/UTs .

Maharashtra and Karnataka contribute more than 10,000 to the single day recovery.

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66,732 new confirmed cases were recorded in last 24 hours.

81% of these are from 10 States and UTs. Maharashtra is still reporting a very high number of new cases with more than 10,000 cases followed by Karnataka  and Kerala with more than 9,000 cases each.

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816 case fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours. Of these, nearly 85% are concentrated in ten States/UTs.

More than 37% of new fatalities reported are from Maharashtra (309 deaths).

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