How To Choose The Right Appliances For Your Home This Festival Season

The festival season is approaching and that means major e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart will start their festival sale soon. Usually, the festival sale begins one month before Diwali and this year too, it follows suit.

If you plan to buy new home appliances, then the sale season would be the right time as you can expect massive discounts.

But an important thing to keep in mind is how to choose the right appliances. Be it a refrigerator, washing machine or AC, it amounts to a fairly good investment and you expect it last for at least a decade. That is why we have brought to you some of the best tips to help choose the right appliance for your home.


The first thing you need to decide while buying a refrigerator is its capacity. A refrigerator with around 200-litre capacity would be apt for bachelors, while families with 3-5 members would need a refrigerator with 200 to 400-litre capacity. A large joint family would need a refrigerator that has more than 400-litre capacity.

Heavy-duty refrigerators  with less than 200-litre capacity come in single door format. But when you buy a large fridge with 500+ litre capacity, you need to choose between double-door and side-by-side heavy-duty refrigerators. If you are vegetarians or a family that doesn’t use freezer extensively, we would highly recommend you to buy a double door refrigerator as they have a better fridge to freezer ratio.

Finally, the most important aspect while choosing a refrigerator is its compressor. It is always better to opt for a refrigerator with inverter compressors as it has better cooling efficiency and lower power consumption.

Some of the best refrigerators also have humidity controller, dual evaporator and better compressor that enhance the cooling.

Washing Machines

When choosing a washing machine, the first aspect you need to look at is the capacity. A 6 Kg washing machine is apt for 2-3 members, while 7 Kg is apt for 4-6 members. Larger families with 6-8 members would need an 8 Kg washing machine at least.

Next, you need to decide between front loaders and top-loaders. Front-loaders offer better wash quality and minimum consumption of water and electricity. But they are more expensive.

Top loaders on the other hand cost less. But takes more water. Being ergonomic in design, it is better for young and old people who don’t want to bend often.

Other aspects to look at are energy and water-saving features, suitability for hard water and motor drive.

LG, Bosch and IFB are some of the top-selling models.


Mixer Grinder

The most important aspect that you need to consider while buying a mixer grinder is power. A 550-watt mixer grinder is enough for normal grinding of masala and soft spices. But if you want a mixer grinder for heavy-duty grinding like dosa batter, powdering hard spices etc, you would need a 750 watt motor.

Most of the options come with 3 jars. You can opt for models with a juicer, food processor etc, depending on your needs.

Preethi, Sujata, Panasonic and Bosch are some of the best options in the market.

Vacuum Cleaner

There are different models of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. A stick vacuum cleaner is expensive, but lightweight and easy to handle. They are apt for both quick spot cleaning and thorough cleaning of sofa, ceiling and floor.

A canister vacuum cleaner is apt for regular use. They are very versatile and can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces like floors, carpets, tiles etc.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is apt for cleaning areas where spills are common like kitchens, balconies and garages.

Air Conditioners

The first thing to look at while choosing an air conditioner is the capacity. A 1 ton AC is needed for a room with around 100 sq.ft. A 1.5 ton AC would be needed for a 150 sq.ft space and a 2 ton AC is needed for a larger space of more than 200 Sq.ft. If the ambient temperature at your home is not that high, like you typically find in Delhi, Ahmedabad etc during peak summer, then you can use the AC for larger space too.

When it comes to types of AC, you can choose between split and Window AC. A split AC is more expensive, but uses lesser energy and is more silent than a window AC.

The next aspect that you need to consider is the energy rating. Fortunately, BEE rates the ACs and you can easily compare the energy efficiency by comparing the ISEER rating mentioned on the label.

LG, Bluestar, Daikin, Voltas etc are some of the best brands to choose from.

Wrap Up

Buying a large appliance is a long term investment for every home. Taking due care in the purchase process will help you choose the right option that is suitable for your needs.

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