A Definitive Guide to Junk Removal

Until the past few years, few Floridians had even heard of junk removal services. They assumed that if they wanted to clean out an overcrowded basement, prepare for a new addition, or get rid of unnecessary items before a move, they’d have to do all the heavy lifting themselves. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Junk removal services are becoming more popular all the time, and homeowners, renters, and business owners alike stand to benefit from this trend. Those who have never used a Junk Reduction service before tend to have a lot of questions. Future clients can find all the information they’re looking for in this definitive guide to junk removal.

What Is Junk Removal?

In its simplest form, junk removal is the process of collecting and transporting unwanted items out of a home to a recycling center or transfer station. Hiring a junk removal service eliminates the need for renting a truck and making numerous trips to the dump or having to haul heavy appliances and furniture by hand. It’s the best way to facilitate cleanouts that produce too much garbage for traditional curbside pickups.

Common Reasons to Call a Junk Removal Company

Junk comes in all shapes and sizes, but junk removal companies specialize in removing most forms of waste. That includes buildups of household garbage, yard waste, and much more. Here are just a few of the most common reasons to call a junk removal service:

Preparing for a Move

Moving to new homes gives families and individuals the chance to start fresh. There’s no reason to haul a bunch of unwanted items across town or across state lines or waste time on seemingly endless trips to the dump. Instead, those preparing to move can separate out everything they don’t want to take with them and hire a junk removal specialist to haul it off for them.

Decluttering a House

Want to get a fresh start but don’t intend on moving to a new house? Just getting rid of all that unwanted clutter can do wonders for residents’ states of mind. If unnecessary clutter has been building up for years, hiring a junk removal company to get rid of all of it is the most efficient way to deal with the problem.

Cleaning Up After Home Renovations

Junk removal services don’t just take household garbage. They can also handle construction waste generated during home additions. Most renovation contractors provide their own dumpsters, but homeowners who prefer to do the hard work of renovating their houses themselves also need a convenient solution. Professional junk removal services fit the bill perfectly.

Help for Hoarders

Have a friend or family member who struggles with hoarding disorder? The best thing to do is to help the person go through all their old junk to declutter the home and restore it to a safe condition. Hiring a junk removal service will make this entire process much easier.

Getting Rid of Heavy Appliances and Furniture

Upgrading heavy appliances or redecorating a room with new furniture can be exciting, but it can also cause some serious headaches. Hauling away heavy items can be more than just a hassle, too. It can also cause potentially serious injuries. Junk removal contractors have the training and safety equipment required to lift and transport heavy, unwieldy items so that their clients don’t have to worry about throwing out their backs.

Benefits of Working with a Professional

People who want to get rid of large amounts of garbage, construction debris, or junk have a few options. Some choose to tackle all the heavy lifting themselves, while others seek out independent contractors or hire a local with a truck. Finding a professional junk removal company is by far the best option available, though.

Eliminate Stress

Endless dump runs or hiring a random local with a pickup truck can cause a lot of stress. Junk removal services eliminate that stress by keeping their equipment in good condition and making sure the contractors always arrive on time. All clients need to do is choose a service and sign on the dotted line, then leave all the rest to the professionals.

Remove Liability Concerns

Professional junk removal services carry comprehensive insurance policies that cover all their workers. If someone gets injured lifting heavy furniture or damages a door frame using inappropriate moving techniques, residents who trust uninsured contractors can be held liable. That will never happen when they choose to work with reputable junk removal specialists.

Get the Job Done Fast

Once someone has decided to declutter a house or prepare for a move, time is of the essence. It already takes long enough to go through everything to figure out what needs to be thrown away, so no one wants to wait on friends or waste the extra time driving to and from the transfer station. A well-respected junk removal company will prioritize efficiency by bringing larger trucks and all the personnel required to get the job done as fast as possible.

Trust the Pros with Proper Disposal

Not all junk has to wind up at the landfill, but those tasked with removing large amounts of clutter don’t always have the time to sort through everything and make sure it ends up in the right place. Eco-friendly junk removal companies will always prioritize responsible waste disposal. That means they’ll make sure that the only items that wind up in the landfill are the ones that really belong there.

What Can Junk Removers Haul Off?

Most junk removal companies are prepared to dispose of everything except hazardous waste products. That includes:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances of all sizes
  • Tools and equipment
  • Old bicycles
  • Construction debris
  • Computers and other electronics
  • Broken hot tubs or spas
  • Yard waste
  • Boxes
  • Old books, toys, or miscellaneous items
  • Pianos and other unwanted musical instruments
  • Clothing and shoes
  • And much more.

As a general rule, junk removal companies won’t take anything that’s corrosive or combustible. Clients will have to ensure the proper disposal of items like cleaning chemicals, solvents, gasoline, oil, asbestos, paint, and other potentially hazardous or toxic items for themselves.

How to Prepare for Junk Removal

The process of decluttering a home or preparing for a move can feel overwhelming. Breaking it down into smaller steps makes the whole process easier.

Step One: Choose the Right Company

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure the company is licensed and insured. Call to ask questions about timelines for service, what items the company accepts, and how much it will cost. Read through a few online reviews or request customer referrals. Taking the time to find the right company now will ensure that the rest of the process goes smoothly.

Step Two: Divide and Conquer

When going through unwanted items, make three piles in each room. The first is a pile of things to keep. The second should contain items that can be given away to friends and family. The third is unwanted junk that can be disposed of responsibly by a junk removal service.

Step Three: Prepare for the Removal

Once clients have chosen a junk removal company and decided what to toss, most of the hard work is already done. Before the truck arrives, make a list of everything that will be loaded in and clear a space in the driveway where the junk removal specialists can park. Plan to stay out of the way once they arrive to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Step Four: Relax and Enjoy All That New Space

The best part of decluttering a home is sitting back and enjoying all the extra space it frees up. Unless it was already part of the plan, try to avoid going out and buying a bunch of new junk. Embracing comparative minimalism for a little while can bring a whole new perspective on life.

How Much Should It Cost to Hire a Junk Removal Specialist?

Pricing varies based on a wide variety of factors, from location to the type of debris being hauled off. On average, it costs $400 to $800 per full truckload of junk. However, the best way to find out how much it will cost to get rid of individual items or entire rooms of garbage or unwanted junk is to contact a company directly to request a quote.

What to Look for in a Junk Removal Specialist

It should be clear by now that it’s worth hiring a specialist instead of a random person with a truck. There should still be plenty of options when it comes to trustworthy junk removal companies. Don’t blindly choose the one that offers the lowest quote without first investigating:

  • Whether the company will take single bulky items
  • How much notice is required for junk removal?
  • How the company charges for its services and whether it offers upfront pricing
  • Whether the company’s representatives are courteous and helpful
  • If the company carries sufficient liability and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Whether the company is licensed and registered
  • What former clients have to say about the level of service they received

Final Thoughts

Decluttering a home, preparing for a move, or helping a loved one deal with the consequences of hoarding are all difficult tasks. Junk removal companies take care of the logistics so that clients can focus on other, more important matters.

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