Flu is caused by the influenza virus type A, B, and c and is a different disease from the cold. Type A and B influenza cause a seasonal outbreak of flue while type C causes mild respiratory symptoms. The flu shot vaccine can be used to protect an individual from type A and B while there is no immunization against type C virus. In 2017-2018 flu vaccine program is administered as a way to control and prevent people against flue and there are key things you need to understand about the flu vaccine which was administered during that time.The 6 things to know about the flu shot vaccine is explained in below paragraphs.

The vaccine should be given to individuals and children who are at six months of age. Children who are between 6 months and 8 years old who have never been given the flu shot vaccine should be given 2 doses of the vaccine and the doses should be spread at least 4 weeks apart. Children below the age of 5 years are at very high risk of contracting the flu than the older children above 5 years old. In this case, they should be more targeted than the rest of the group.

Pregnant mothers are at high risk of the flue and therefore the vaccine should be given to them at any period of their pregnancy. Mothers who breastfeed should also be given the vaccine as this will be of good help to them and at the same time boost the immunity of the baby against the flu indirectly.

The flu shot vaccine can’t cause influence since the shot is inactivated vaccine and it, therefore, cannot replicate in the body to cause flue in the recipient. The shot is made in such a way that it protects an individual against the flu with no possibility of causing the flue in the body.

The vaccine has got side effect in most cases the recipient will have pains in the arm or the leg at the injection site 10- 30% of the children under the age of 2 years will experience fever whereas children above age 2 years and above will have no fever at all Therefore when administered to the children of less two years there is no need for alarm when fever is experienced because it will end with time

The vaccine can be preserved even at home under the thimerosal preservative since the preservative does not have negative health problems and therefore we can store the vaccine and use it wherever we feel to use it.

The vaccine is not reactive and therefore individuals with allergies can be immunized with any health problems. For instance, the children with egg allergies can be vaccinated without necessarily visiting the allergist.

Flue usually has seasons when it outbreaks and therefore the only way to get prevented against the flu is by getting immunized against the flue for type A and B virus. People should, therefore, visit the vaccine centers and get vaccinated against the disease since prevention is better than to cure the flue disease.