4th Mystic Kalinga Festival 2020: Legendary writer Prof. Manoj Das to receive prestigious Mystic Kalinga Literary Award 2020


The two-day Dance, Devotion and Deliberations extravaganza begins from February 8

Event Highlights

*Folk artists, regional musical instrument players can showcase their talents to art and music lovers of the Temple City

*Padma Bhusan Prof. Manoj Das will deliver keynote speech on the central theme: “Divine Madness: Knowledge, Ecstasy, and Transformation”

*Leading names including Literary Living Legend likes Sitakant Mohapatra, Ramakanta Rath, Prativa Ray, Purusottam Agarwal, H.S Shivprakash, Smita Bellur, Radhika Sood Nayak, Sanjukta Wagh, Himansu Vajpayee et al joining as speakers, performers

Bhubaneswar: In the fourth edition of the Mystic Kalinga Festival (MKF), an amalgamation of literary and cultural deliberations, poetry recitation and performances, noted writer Prof Manoj Das will receive the prestigious Mystic Kalinga Literary Awards-Indian and Global Languages.

He is also scheduled to deliver keynote address of the festival. Which has been designed upon a central theme of “Divine Madness: Knowledge, Ecstasy, and Transformation”.

Announcing the awards, Mystic Kalinga Festival, Founder and President Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Parida said,” We are glad that art and book lovers will have a chance to hear Padma Awardee Manoj Das delivering a fabulous talk on our central theme. It will be an honour to see him speak on the subject. We will continue to bring great writers and poem to this platform which has been successfully established as one of the key literary events on a global scale.

From this edition, Mystic Kalinga Literary Award will carry a cash prize of Rs one lakh along with a khadi shawl and certificate for the laureate.

Mystic Kalinga Literary Award has been instituted to recognize and celebrate prolific and inspiring writers, poets and performers. One award Mystic Kalinga Literary Award- Odia will be conferred to a person making towering contribution to the Odia language, literature and culture and another award Mystic Kalinga Literary Award-Indian and Global Languages will be for one Indian language or in an international language.

An international jury team has been formed to suggest and select these awardees. The awardees will be chosen keeping in mind their contribution to their specific language, genres, contributions and contemporary appeal and relevance.

Acclaimed poets, translators and scholars – including Ramakant Rath, Sitakant Mohapatra, Prativa Ray , Mukund Rao, Purusottam Agarwal, H.S Shivprakash , Pradipta Kumar Panda, Rajkishore Mishra, Tamsarani Das Mohapatra, Nianjan Sahu, Dr. Gourhari Das, Dr. Bijayananda Singh , Kedar Mishra, Bishnu Mohapatra, Avik Chandra , Sairah Shah Halim , Piyoshi Baruah, Adashya Das, Subas Pani, Jatin Nayak, Asit Mohanty , Subodh Pattnaik, Ajit Das, Ramachandra Behera, Abhinna Routray – will read and discuss the extraordinary verse of some of the greatest mystic poets of this subcontinent, from Appar and Sambandar to Tulsidas and Ravidas, from Adi Shankara and Jayadeva to Tukaram and Lal Ded, from Meerabai to Janabai, from Salabega to Abhirami Bhattar, and several others.

Sanket banker will perform Saraswati vandana during the inaugural ceremony.

Every year the Mystic Kalinga Festival hosts a variety of sessions on books, themes, subjects and its dense ideas representing literature. The festival promises to give you a deep idea about literature both in India and the world. This year nearly 10 books will be launched during the festival.

Welcome to a festival that unpacks the many nuances of this strange and fascinating condition called bhakti, and to a conclave of extraordinary talents, perspectives and performances. Welcome to Mystic Kalinga Festival 2020.

Mystic Mic, Mystic India

From this year, Mystic Kalinga Festival introduces Mystic Mic. Mystic Mic is for standup performers especially designed to celebrate the innocence and beauty of Rural India and its Mystic connection with nature, life, music, dance, and songs.

A person having sound knowledge of traditional instruments like Kendara, Dhuduki, Khanjani or EkTara etc or a Chakulia Panda or a Pala Gayak or performers of Laudi,Ghoda Nacha, Dasa Kathia will be provided a platform to showcase their talents Infront of an enthused audience. Over 200 participants will participate in the program from different part of the country.

From this year the Mystic Kalinga Festival will be extending the brand as Mystic India Festival. Mystic India Festival will host festival mythology, mysticism, music and dance in different part of the country.

About Mystic Kalinga Festival and Kalinga Literary Festival

Odisha Diary Foundation (ODF), Rythm Festival Pvt Ltd and Odisha Media info Service (OMIS) Private Ltd are organizing annual Mystic Kalinga Festival (KLF) every year to celebrate this creative spirit of Bhubaneswar and commemorate the literary diversity it offers, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India. Academics, authors, political and social activists, law makers, government officials, corporate leaders, students and people from all walks of life immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favourite authors and works.

Mystic Kalinga Festival has emerged as an Annual Flagship event in the cultural calendar of India and our focus is to rekindle the romance with literature and foster reading and writing habits, especially among the youth. It offers a national platform with a global appeal and bridges the gap between literature in English and other Indian regional languages.

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