XIMB organized an MBA colloquium

Bhubaneswar: Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) as part of Institute Day celebrations, organized an MBA colloquium on November 30, 2018. The objective of this colloquium was to discuss Pedagogical Innovations in Management.
The colloquium was formally inaugurated by Fr. E. A. Augustine, S.J., and Prof. Subhajyoti Ray, Dean Academics. On the occasion a talk was delivered by Prof. Sandip Anand. The talk elucidated upon appropriate course design, design for service, and design for self-study of students. He highlighted the importance of involving students in various live projects and guiding them for various competitions. He dived into how realistic goals can be accomplished through institutional focus and plans. According to him, the need of the hour is to move away from teacher centric design to student centric design. He concluded by saying beautiful line in XIMB style “Help students to explore “Gladiators” in them by creating a “skill city”, having healthy “Spardha”, equipping them for “Kurukshetra” by establishing “Case Connect” and “Vriddhi” of horizon.
The session was then followed by a team of four students from second year (Chandni Rout, Ramakanth Tallapragada, Jeptha Phineahas, and Ankit Khera) who presented on the topic “Ideal Management Teaching” based on the survey which they floated across students from prestigious B-Schools. They started with brief introduction, history of management training, best teaching practices, least preferred teaching methods. One of the students was part of global MBA program who provided with difference in pedagogical innovations in India as compared to US, Belgium and Netherlands. According to him, strategic partnership with foreign universities will develop us to become respected and empathetic global citizen. New pedagogical innovation adopted by prestigious B schools like IIMs, ISB Hyderabad, SIBM and others were highlighted. These include F2F heat up, role playing, faculty mentorship during internship, flipped teaching, corporation case studies were explained. Students concluded by saying that the primary focus should be on individual research and developing skills that would benefit students’ aspirations and goals.
An engaging Panel Discussion followed, which was presided by Prof. Avinash Tripathi, Prof. Banikanta Mishra, Prof. Bhaskar Basu and Prof. Ibha Kumar. They emphasized on topics such as theory vs practice, focus on research, using innovative techniques to push subject, maintaining and engaging attention of students for 90 min. Further, they emphasized on “Moving towards B-Schools influencing business more than business influencing B-Schools. Esteemed faculties advised students to be a better human being and inculcate a strong sense of discipline. Further, it became an open house where the audience took full advantage of the esteemed and knowledgeable panelists.
The program, was concluded by words of impetus from the administration of the institute.

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