Workshop on sensitization of Women Employees of Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region on “ Self Defence

Joint Secretary, MDoNER, Smt Anuradha S. Chagti  Chairperson of the Internal Complaints Committee along with Ms Monalisa Dash JS, Smt Suchita Gupta,  SA held a session with all women employees of the Ministry  of Development of North Eastern Region and CISF officers posted in Vigyan Bhawan Annexe complex on women related issues including self-defence techniques. The external member of the committee Ms Vaishali Dhoot was also in attendance along with other members of the committee. Ms Dhoot is CEO of Streebal Foundation. She is a veteran Self-Defence Instructor and 4th DAN Black Belt Achiever in Taekwondo Martial Arts.


The comprehensive session covered basic techniques, situational awareness, punches, blocks, and other self defense techniques. Ms. Dhoot emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-care and encouraged every woman to dedicate at least 10 minutes daily to exercise and self-defense training.

She highlighted that these skills not only ensure personal safety but also enable women to support and protect others.

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