We should make the best use of our basic capabilities: Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel

New Delhi : Governor Mangubhai Patel has said that it is necessary to consider how our people, our skills and our core capabilities can be best utilized. The significance of talent and skill lies in the welfare of the underprivileged section of the society. The Governor asked the students to carry forward our rich scientific traditions supported by basic facts.

Governor Shri Patel was addressing the gathering at the inauguration of Indian Young Inventors Challenge organized by Sam Global University and distribution of prizes to winners of Genius 21 competition today.

Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel said that being knowledgeable is not enough. The use of knowledge in the welfare of humanity only can make it worthwhile. He said that in Indian culture, cultural concepts and ideas have been expressed with scientific perfection. During the Covid pandemic, the whole world recognized the importance of Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda by recognizing the scientific importance of Indian culture and life values.

He said that the new National Education Policy is a revolutionary initiative to create a scientific environment in the country. This is an unprecedented opportunity to build a holistic, research, discussion and analysis based study system. He said that information related to new research work being done in the field of knowledge and science, updation in modern technology should be disseminated on a wide scale. Referring to the efforts of self-reliance in the field of science and technology in the country, he said that Indian scientists have made the nation proud by developing the Covid vaccine.

President of Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Shri Mukul Kanitkar said that science and technology are for the welfare of mankind. He said that answers to curiosities of what, why and how are the basis of development of science. He said that nature has given only human beings the ability to enhance their capabilities. He said that humans have created challenges in front of humanity by expanding their voice capabilities with the resource of mic to the source of the throat. Today there is need to nurture the relationship of nature and man like mother and son and make innovations accordingly.

Director National Council for Science and Technology Communication Shri Sujit Banerjee said that efforts have been made to spread science and scientific attitude among children and youth. The welcome address was given by the Chancellor Sam Global University, Smt. Preeti Saluja. The vote of thanks was proposed by, Chairman, Sam Group Shri Harpreet Saluja.

The programme began with worship of Maa Saraswati and guests lighting the lamp The guests were welcomed by presenting a Tulsi plant.

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