We need energy that is indigenous, cost effective and sustainable: Nitin Gadkari at Green Urja Conclave

New Delhi: Inaugurating the 3rd Edition of Green Urja Conclave 2023 at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri Nitin Gadhkari gave a clarion call for converting “waste to wealth” for future of Development. The conclave that was organized by Confederation of Renewable Energy Service Professionals and Industries (CRESPAI), a Delhi based international organization and supported by host of academic, policy think tank and civil society organizations was held on 5th June 2023 to celebrate the World Environment Day.

The Green Urja Conclave had seven plenary sessions including five plenary sessions that brought together people from large away of stakeholders from India and USA to delve on the issues of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 focusing on utilization of alternative source of energy for safe environment. Chartered Accountant, Sudhir Kumar Dash, the President of the CRESPAI called for a paradigm shift in the use of energy, policy approach to it and community awareness to bring sustainable future of humanity. Mr Dash also emphasized the need for Global consensus for reducing the carbon footprints while specifically emphasizing the Extended Civilian Responsibility to coincide the Extended Producers Responsibility.

Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India who was the Chief Guest of the event mentioned that there are three important pillars of society, namely- Ethics, Economics and Ecology or environment that are very important for sustainable development. He said “pollution” is the biggest challenge of the world today. We need to know “what are the reasons for pollution and how to tackle it”. Mr. Gadkari said that Patrol and Diesel contribute approximately 40% of the total pollution and finding an alternative to it certainly help in reducing pollution to a great extent. In this, the role of research institutions such as IIT is very important. We need energy that is indigenous, cost effective and sustainable.

Mr. Gadkari said that there is need for “knowledge to wealth” through innovation, entrepreneurship and also there is a need for “waste to wealth” through waste recycles and reuse. Development with protecting ecology and environment can be possible through the cooperation from all.

The Minister also awarded Green Globe Award to various achievers and launched the “Uday Urja” newsletter. The remaining brain storming on community participation, actionable plans, policy gaps etc. in which stakeholders from industry, civil society, academics and policy delved detail into to find a sustainable approach to the future of humanity.


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