We aim to ethically and emotionally present Indian films on international platforms, aspiring to touch hearts universally: Jury (Indian Panorama – Feature)

Indian Panorama at IFFI mirrors the nation's cultural diversity and visual literacy growth: Jury Chairperson (Indian Panorama Feature Films)

New Delhi,22nd November: “Since 1979, I’ve been part of Indian Panorama at IFFI, witnessing its evolution with nine feature films. The panorama mirrors the nation’s cultural diversity and visual literacy growth. As a cinema enthusiast, this journey serves as an invaluable study of India’s cinematic landscape and societal transformations” said Dr. T. S Nagabharana, the Jury chairperson of Indian Panorama Feature Films, during a Press Conference at 54th International Film Festival of India in Goa today.

The Chairperson said that there are only two types of films – good and bad. “A good movie is the one which touches, moves, make us think twice and has a lasting impression till we die” said the chairperson.

Explaining the selection process, the Chairperson said that the entire Jury critically analyzed the films based on the “cinema language” and the heart of the movie. He said “whether fortunate or not, as filmmakers, our perspectives inevitably vary. Yet, the essence lies in comprehending the heart of cinema – its language and essence. Amidst our differences, none of us questioned each other’s understanding.”

We collectively shoulder pride and responsibility, emphasizing content and skill as the vital blend. Filmmaking, akin to a journey of dedication, demands preparation—a tapas. He further added that presently, a fresh perspective, exemplified in films like ‘Aaraariraaro’, is imperative amidst a sea of clichés, emphasizing human elements for meaningful engagement.

Expressing the views on attaining global reach for Indian low budget films, the Jury said that the film budget holds less significance; it is about the content’s emotional, ethical, and aesthetic resonance. Our goal is not marketing, but ethically and emotionally presenting Indian films on international platforms, aiming to touch hearts universally.

The Feature Film Jury, comprising thirteen members, is headed by Dr. T.S Nagabharana, a renowned film director, actor, producer in Kannada language, recipient of 10 National Awards and 18 State awards. The Feature Films Jury constituted of the following Members:

1. Dr. T.S Nagabharana (Chairperson)

2. Shri A Karthik Raaja

3. Shri Anjan Bose

4. Dr.Itirani Samanta

5. Shri K.P.Vyasan

6. Shri Kamlesh Mishra

7. Shri Kiran Ganti

8. Shri Milind Lele

9. Shri Pradip kurbah

10. Smt Rama Vij

11. Shri Romi Meitei

12. Shri Sanjay Jadhav

13. Shri Vijay Pande

The Films made in any Indian language shot on digital/video format and as a feature film or fiction above 70 minutes duration are eligible for the Feature Film Section.

Watch the interaction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXW1uwVWfYE


To know more about jury: https://iffigoa.org/indian-panorama-jury/en

To know more about Feature Films: https://iffigoa.org/indian-panorama-feature-2023/official-selections-features/en


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