Unlock the ultimate shopping experience for your home with Amazon.in’s Home Shopping Spree starting 7th September

Bengaluru: Elevate your living spaces and indulge in a journey of rediscovering comfort during the highly anticipated ‘Home Shopping Spree on Amazon.in offering a host of deals and offers across popular brands such as Hindware, Havells, Eureka Forbes, Sleepwell, Livpure, HIT, Jager Smith, Kimberly Clark, Buildskill, BSB Home and much more. Whether it’s transforming the bedroom into a serene setting or revamping the kitchen with top-tier culinary products, Amazon.in’s unparalleled shopping experience unveils a symphony of elegance and convenience.


Customers can avail up to 70% off on home décor, home improvement, kitchen appliances, lawn & garden equipment ranging from wall decors, mixer grinders, fans, vacuums, cookware, power tools, auto products, bathroom fittings  and much more during Home Shopping Spree on Amazon.in from September 7–10, 2023.


Here are some of the offers by participating sellers: 


Top offers on Home & Kitchen Appliances

–         Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser: ISI certified, Havells Instanio 3 Litre Instant Geyser is the perfect installation for one’s home. Made with ultra-thick stainless steel, it is shock and rust proof. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 3,648.

–         Havells Stealth Air: Experience the best of aerodynamics with high air delivery and less noise. It comes with built in voltage stabilization and technology motor for less power consumption. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 6,898.

–         Havells ESO 750W 3 JAR Mixer Grinder: Delve into the effortless blend of convenience, function and safety in the kitchen with Havells. With its easy to use functions and 5 year warranty on the motor, it is a good product for contemporary kitchens. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 3,298.

  • Aquaguard Ritz: Crafted with goodness of active copper and zinc for the safety of one’s family, Aquaguard Ritz protects from harmful elements such as mercury and lead. This product also helps maintain the natural minerals of water. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 18,199.

–         AquaguardSure Delight: Designed with state-of-the-art technology, AquaguardSure Delight offers 7 stages of water purification with RO purification, Chemi Block, and I- filter that delivers protection from impurities in water such as excess chlorine, bacteria, and viruses. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 7,999.

–         Eureka Forbes SupervacCyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: Supervac Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner ensures that customers experience uninterrupted and powerful cleaning. This product also offers a post purchase virtual demo. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 5,999.

–         Eureka Forbes Lvac Voice NUO Robotic Automatic Vacuum Cleaner: With smart features like voice control, room mapping, silent mode, auto cleaning mode and much more, this product is the perfect companion for one’s cleaning routines. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 26,999.

–         Livpure GLO PRO+: With 6 stages of purification, this water purifier helps enhance the natural taste of water and makes it safe for consumption. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 8,199.

–         Livpure Bolt+ Star: Livpure Bolt+ Star is a perfect product for maintaining one’s health. With in-tank UV sterilization, it gets rid of the impurities in the water and helps deliver mineral enriched water to the customers. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 11,349.

–         Livpure Bolt+ Copper: Experience the true nature of water with Livpure Bolt+ Copper. Its mineral and copper infused water helps maintain blood sugar level, promotes quality sleep and good health. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 15,449.


Top Offers on Furniture

–         SleepwellStargold – Profiled Resitec Foam: Experience comfort and quality with SleepwellStargold. It is created and layered with resitec foam and profiled PU foam support and provides one with all the necessary support they require and much more. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 8719.

  • Green Soul monster gaming chair – It is a multi-functional chair for a gamer or professional and is made up of breathable nylon-spandex fabric. It permits airflow along with providing cool and comfortable seating. Get this on Amaon.in for INR 17,990.
  • Home centre5-seater sofa set – Designed with a smooth finish, this product ensures consistency and aesthetic that makes the furniture lightweight for easy portability. Get this on Amaon.in for INR 27,999.


Top Offers on Sports, Fitness and Outdoor

–         Jager-Smith GB 501 Multipurpose Gym Bag: Delve into the perfect combination of comfort and quality with all the extra space one might need in their gym bag. It comes with features like extra storage space and adjustable straps. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 275.


Top offers on Lawns & Gardens Supplies

–         HIT Anti Roach Gel: Do away with the old methods of getting rid of the kitchen pests and turn to HIT Anti Roach Gel. It is fast, odorless and kitchen safe to keep one protected. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 255.

  • HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat – HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet is a rechargeable insect killer bat with LED light that comes with long and powerful battery life and up to 1 month of standby. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 518.
  • WonderStand Plant Stands (Set of 4)– Plant Stand is made with the Galvanized Metal with 7-layer coating to ensure a 100% weather and waterproof products that can avoid any rust formation. The plant stand can even be recycled. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 834.


Top offers on Business Industrial and Specific Supplies (BISS)

–         Buildskill BGBH26RE Rotary Hammer Drill Machine: Make all those house repairs easier and efficient with Buildskill Rotary Hammer Drill. It comes with features such as heat dispensation and variable speed. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 3799.

–         Buildskill BIT254 Inverter Trolley: Made with the best material, this inverter trolley comes with a large battery space and is easy to assemble. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 1699.

  • Gainda Black Phenyle Surface Disinfectant, Floor Cleaner Liquid for Hospitals – This cleaning solution is highly effective against a wide range of germs. It is a powerful disinfectant with longer shelf life and is useful for the general cleaning of toilets, drains, floors etc. in households, hospitals, government organizations, schools, offices and industries. Get this on Amaon.in for INR 377.
  • Kleenex® 2 ply Facial Tissue Flat Box – Kleenex is the world’s number one facial tissue brand made by Kimberly Clark, manufacturers of Huggies and Kotex. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 431.


Top Offers on Home Improvement

●       Upto 80% off I Winter Collection

–         BSB HOME Microfibre All Season Reversible Double Bed Comforter Blanket: Made with the most comfortable and luxurious material, it is a perfect product to keep one warm and cozy. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 999.

–         BSB HOME Microfiber Double Bedsheets: Transform your bedroom look with the vibrant colors and top-notch material of this premium bed sheet collection. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 198.

–         Good knight Gold Flash Liquid Vapourizer: With India’s most powerful vaporizer formula, automatic mode movement and long-lasting refill, this product has everything one could ask for to ensure a good sleep. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 218.

–         Scott Essential Multi Fold Hand Towel: Dive into the ultimate soft and sustainable experience with Scott Essential Multi-Fold Hand Towel. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 3288.

–         Kimberly-Clark Professional Aquarius Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser: It comes with a design that is specially crafted to fit into the home while ensuring safety and protection from germs.Get this on Amazon.in for INR 2016.

–         Kleenex 2 ply Facial Tissue Flat Box: Unveil the premium care one deserves with Kleenex Facial Tissue Box. Get this on Amazon.in for INR 480.


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