Tribal Research Institutes should not only do “research on tribals but research for tribals”: Arjun Munda

New Delhi: Minister of Tribal Affairs  Arjun Munda; MoS Tribal Affairs,  Renuka Singh Saruta, and   Dy. Chief Minister & Minister for Tribal Welfare, Andhra Pradesh, Smt.PamulaPushpaSrivanijivirtually inaugurated the  New Building complex for the Tribal Cultural Research and Training Mission (TRI) of Andhra Pradesh on 15 th August, 2021 as a part of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav India @ 75.

The program was organised by TRI Andhra Pradesh.  Smt.Pamula Pushpa Srivaniji highlighted various activities of TRI AP,  lauded the efforts of team of officers and thanked Ministry of Tribal Affairs for providing support for the building and various projects to TRI AP.

Speaking on the occasionSh. Arjun Munda, who  joined through VC said that TRIs have a very important role to play in preservation of tribal cultural heritage, providing inputs to States for evidence based planning and appropriate legislations, capacity building, and dissemination of information and creation of awareness.  He said that TRIs should not only do “research on tribals but research for tribals”.  They should focus on their core responsibilities as body of knowledge & research as a think tank for tribal development   He said Ministry is funding 27 Tribal Research Institutions for research on various aspects of tribal life and culture and has also provided funds to 10 TRIs for construction of building and upgrading infrastructure.

Renuka Singh Saruta MoS, Tribal Affairs Ministry  said that State government should provide sufficient & quality manpower/researchers in their respective TRIs for pursuing research activities. She congratulated Andhra Pradesh for developing Infrastructure which will help in quality research on tribal issues.

The Prime Minister, in review meeting on 20th January 2015 had emphasised that “TRIs should have larger role in policy making pertaining to the Scheduled Tribes.   TRIs should be developed into “top-class research centres”. Thereafter NITI Aayog constituted a Sub-Group under the Chairmanship of Dr. S.M. Jharawal, Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak, with representation from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, TRIs and other Ministries.


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