TPWODL Upgrading Electricity Infrastructure for Domestic and Industrial Consumers of Kalahandi District

Burla, 02.06.2024: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), the power distribution company in western Odisha, has taken another step towards augmentation of its infrastructure and improvement of its distribution line to provide uninterrupted power supply to its consumers. 

In this context, to improve the electricity infrastructure for domestic and Industrial consumers in Kalahandi District, TPWODL is putting its efforts to lay a new 33 kV line from Kalampur upto Badkutru Primary Substation. 

The existing 33 kV line to Badkutru PSS is now availing power from 132/33 kV Baner Grid Subsatation crossing across dense forest with a distance of 12 KM. In case of any failure, the whole system goes to dark. 

Therefore, the company has taken up to lay another 33 kV feeder line to connect Kalampur to Badkutru Primary Substation of a distance of 12 km. This will not only help the domestic consumer, but also, it will take the load of industrial consumers of Deypur, Kalampur, Pandiagaon, Heramal, Bandhkena, Paikendumundi of Kalampur and Badkutru blocks. It is estimated that, 7000 Domestic consumers including large and medium industries in Badkutru area will be benefited from infrastructure improvement. 

On this Occasions, CEO of TPWODL, Mr. Parveen Verma, expressed that, we are excited to launch these kinds of initiatives aimed at modernizing the electricity infrastructure in Kalahandi District. By prioritizing the needs of both domestic and industrial consumers, we are not only ensuring a better quality of life for residents, but also fostering economic growth and prosperity in the region. This project will cost the company about Rs 4.63 crore and it is expected to complete by September 2024.

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