TPSODL Enhances Power Supply Reliability with New 33 kV Line in Rayagada District

Berhampur, May 24: In response to the ongoing heat wave and the need for a reliable and quality power supply, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) has undertaken significant upgrades to its infrastructure. The company has successfully set up a new 33 kV line from the Gunupur Grid Substation to the Bikrampur Primary Substation, ensuring improved reliability for the region’s power supply.

The newly installed 33 kV line extends 9 km from the Gunupur Grid Substation to the Bikrampur Substation. Previously, the Bikrampur Primary Substation received its power supply through a 33-kV feeder that stretched 27 km from the Akhusingi Grid Substation. This long feeder and old conductor caused frequent power supply issues. Now, with the new line in place, approximately 7 Gram Panchayats and 87 villages, serving 4,670 consumers under the Bikrampur Primary Substation, are benefiting from a more reliable and quality power supply.

The areas now receiving improved power supply include the Jagannathpur, Gotalpadar, Morama, Sirijholli, and Bagasala panchayats of Gunupur block, as well as the Gulumunda and Ukamba panchayats of Ramanaguda block. This new infrastructure has resolved previous issues of low voltage and power interruptions.

Mr. Amit Kumar Garg, CEO of TPSODL, says, “We are committed to providing reliable and quality power to our consumers. The new 33 kV line from Gunupur to Bikrampur is a significant step in that direction. This upgradation will ensure that the residents of these areas have a consistent power supply. We will continue to invest in infrastructure improvements to serve our communities better.”

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