The Good Samaritans of #Bhubaneswar


By Anil Dhir
Bhubaneswar 2nd April: In the darkness of the Corona crisis, there is a bright light to be found in the acts of kindness shown but ordinary people. Many individuals and groups are distributing food and grocery kits to the needy, feeding the street dogs and the stray cattle. The Covid-19 crisis is bringing out the best and the worst in human beings.

The authorities has chosen to be cruel in order to be kind, several harsh measures to halt the rapid spread of the virus are being adopted. There are many who think they can defy these restrictions, and have at instances been savagely dealt with. In most cases, it is instant flogging of the lockdown breakers. Policemen have been dispatched into temples and mosques to horsewhip those who disobeyed the order to avoid large gatherings. Fortunately, the irrational persons are in the minority. The majorities of the people appreciate the enormity of the problem and are willing, even if grudgingly, to give what it takes for them and their families to stay alive

In these difficult times there are some who have taken the onus of providing free disinfecting services to police stations and distributing sanitizers and masks. Meet Prafulla Swain and his band of good Samaritans. In the wake of the situation, this resident from the Old Town has started disinfecting police stations and vehicles used by the police. According to Prafulla, police stations see the movement of both police personnel and others. They cannot be shutdown like other offices and the cops remain on duty overtime. They also come in close contact with many while discharging their duties of ensuring the proper lockdown.

Prafulla team of half a dozen youths has so far sanitized the police stations of the Old Town area and well as police vehicles. They merry band has been at work with six hand held sprayers, scouring the nooks and crannies of the old town, educating the locals about proper hygiene, distributing masks and sanitizers and locating families in distress. They arrange rations for those in need, ensuring that nobody goes hungry.

While the rich have opened their coffers and donated liberally for the purpose of tackling the enemy at the door, these ordinary persons with the milk of human kindness are also playing their part, minor or major, in combating the fury of this virus. It is the right spirit at this time and everyone who can help someone in ways big or small should do so.

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