The Belgadia Palace x BEADS Residency Programme 2023-24 Aims To Empower Artists to Explore Contemporary Art and Craft in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Belgadia Palace and its philanthropic arm, The Mayurbhanj Foundation, along with BEADS are delighted to announce the launch of The Belgadia Palace x BEADS Residency Programme. This unique artist-in-residence initiative aims to provide exceptional opportunities for artists in the field of contemporary art to nurture their creativity, expand their artistic vision, and foster meaningful collaborations. Spanning across the vibrant locations of Bhubaneswar and Baripada in Odisha, this residency programme offers an immersive experience deeply rooted in the region’s rich art and craft heritage. At the heart of the programme lies the belief in the transformative power of art and culture. The residency encourages participating artists to engage with the contemporary art and craft scene in Odisha, forging connections with local artisans and exploring the region’s craft clusters – sabai grass to start off with. By embracing the cultural nuances and traditions of the land, artists will have the opportunity to develop their artistic responses, creating inclusive and thought-provoking works of
art that integrate the craft practices they encounter.

The partnership between The Belgadia Palace, The Mayurbhanj Foundation, and the Bhubaneswar Experimental Art and Design Studio (BEADS) is a testament to the collective commitment towards sustainability, arts, and culture. The Mayurbhanj Foundation has long been dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Belgadia Palace and supporting various artistic endeavours. BEADS, a design studio based in Bhubaneswar, is known for its elegant, ethnically inspired, and environmentally friendly creations.

Sandeep Hota, the Founder and Managing Director of BEADS, believes that “The Belgadia Palace X BEADS Residency will be an absolutely transformative experience for artists. It will allow them to explore the rich cultural heritage of Odisha, collaborate with local artisans, and push the boundaries of their artistic practice. This residency will truly ignite their creativity and provide a platform for meaningful artistic expression.”

The Belgadia Palace x BEADS Residency Programme is now accepting applications from artists in the field of contemporary art who are passionate about engaging with Odisha’s artistic and cultural heritage. Artists will have the unique opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that nurtures creativity, celebrates craftsmanship, and fosters cross-cultural collaborations. The programme seeks proposals for artworks and projects that emerge from encounters with the people, the land, and the culture, aspiring to create critical spaces that inspire reflection and dialogue.

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