TDB Announces Funding for Krishigati Pvt. Ltd., Pune, to Develop EV Technology for Intercultural Farming

The Technology Development Board (TDB) under the Department of Science and Technology (DST) announced financial assistance to M/s Krishigati Pvt. Ltd., Pune for EV technology in Intercultural farming operations on 27th May 2024 in New Delhi.

The project titled “Axle-Less Multipurpose Electric Vehicle for Modern and Precision Farming” is a step towards the indigenization of electric vehicle technology for intercultural farming operations, TDB has sanctioned financial assistance to this innovative agricultural start-up, demonstrating confidence in the project’s potential to drive technological advancements in the agricultural industry.

The focal point of this initiative is India’s first-ever “Self-Propelled Electric Agricultural Tool Bar” (Krishigati Electric Bull), an IP-based solution designed for climate-resilient farm mechanization. This innovative tool aims to support the goals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, by indirectly contributing to the doubling of income and production for marginal farmers.

The goal of Krishigati’s project is to produce and market these goods, which could have a big effect on the agriculture industry. There is a significant market need and economic potential for this technology because no other company is currently producing an axle-less multipurpose electric vehicle for agricultural use.

The developed product boasts numerous unique and innovative features, including:

  • An electric prime mover with no pollution or vibrations during operation.
  • A 610 mm ground clearance.
  • Versatility to carry out four different farming operations with a single product.
  • A portable battery that can be charged anywhere using a single-phase electric power supply.
  • Ease of operation by both men and women in farm fields with minimal training.
  • Comprehensive safety features in compliance with regulatory mandates.

Sh. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, TDB said, “We are dedicated to enhancing indigenous capabilities and supporting innovative projects that propel technological advancement and economic growth in India’s agricultural sector.”

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