Tata Steel launches specialised Coated Brands for Emerging Corporate Accounts (ECAs)

Mumbai: Tata Steel, through its close collaboration with ECAs (Emerging Corporate Accounts), has been at the forefront of innovation on strategy, design and production. With the acquisition of Tata Steel BSL in 2018 and enhancement of its capacity to produce world-class coated products, Tata Steel has introduced two new Coated Product Brands, named GalvaRoS and Colornova, to address the unmet requirements of the ECAs.

Sanjay S Sahni, Chief of Marketing & Sales (Branded Products & Retail), Tata Steel, said: “These new product brands are the pillars of future growth and are not only eco-friendly but also eco-effective. It will create a green, healthy and productive ecosystem of stakeholders that produces eco-friendly products to meet customer needs of today and tomorrow.”

These products have been created to meet the evolving needs of the micro-segments, while strengthening the pillars of sustainability – economical sustainability & social sustainability, critical to growth and development.

Tata Steel believes businesses must sustain by aligning themselves to the needs of the planet and the people. The overarching requirement in today’s context, is to re-align, re-boot and recharge the manufacturing ecosystem, to build a resilient and future-ready MSME sector. With the launch of these innovative and environment-friendly products, the Company reaffirms its commitment to create a sustainable ecosystem for stakeholders.

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