Tata is ranked India’s Most Consumer-Focussed Brand; Bajaj ranks 2nd, Nike 3rd in TRA’s research study


Hyderabad: TRA’s newly launched “India’s Most Consumer-Focussed Brands 2018” (MCF 2018) report, a study measuring the brands’ increase in keenness-to-buy among Indian consumers over the last year was released yesterday. Tata, one of India’s largest conglomerates has been ranked India’s Most Consumer-Focussed Brand 2018 in the research. Closely following at second rank is Bajaj, another renowned and revered Indian conglomerate, with just a 12% gap from the leader. At 3rd rank in the list is Nike, reaching here through its intense consumer focus approach. Dell is at 4th Most Consumer-Focussed Brand and Apple achieves 5th rank. The MCF 2018 report lists 500 brands which have increased their Buying Propensity in a comparison of two years data.

Launching the report, N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research said, “It may not come as a surprise that the top two-ranked are among the best known Indian conglomerates, and arguably understand the Indian consumer very closely. The brands which made it to the list are brands which have did not ‘sell’ to the customers, but instead, helped them buy by better understanding the consumer needs and desires. These brands have successfully built intimate relationships with its customers – knowing and understanding them better.”

Buying Propensity is a scientific methodology that gets to the root of consumer’s buying process to understand and measure their buying keenness. The process understands the overt, covert and contextual buying drivers of consumer-influences from 16 cities with 97 parameters researched in two 6-monthly studies totally comprising 6000 consumer-influencers.

Puma, with its Forever Faster mantra, enters 6th in this prestigious list. It is followed by BMW, first luxury brand in the list at the 7th rank. Oppo, the mobile phone brand list leader, is at 8th rank in 2018. Samsung features 9th and Vivo ranks 10th on the India’s Most Consumer-Focussed Brands list.

Among India’s 500 Most Consumer-Focussed Brands, 43 Super-Categories and 243 Categories were listed. The categories with the maximum brands were F&B, Apparel and Automobile contributing to 25.4% of the total brands in the listings.

Some of the important category leaders in Consumer-Focussed Brands are HDFC Bank (rank 21) in BFSI; Arrow (rank 19) in Formalwear; Fastrack (rank 39) in Branded Fashion; Kellogg’s (rank 70) in F&B; eBay (rank 36) in Online Retailer-Diversified; Muthoot Finance (rank 135) in Financial Services; LIC (rank 84) in Insurance-PSU; Patanjali (rank 24) in FMCG-Diversified and Budweiser (rank 54) in Alcoholic Beverages-Beer.


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