Sunil Chhetri Confident as India Gears Up for FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

Chhetri Optimistic as India Eyes Advancement in FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers


New Delhi, November 13, 2023: In a prelude to India’s crucial FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers, talismanic striker Sunil Chhetri exudes confidence, expressing that the team is “strong” and better prepared than ever before to progress to the next round. Chhetri, who captains the national team, believes that the players’ substantial game time this year has bolstered their readiness for the upcoming challenges.

The 39-year-old football icon will lead India into Round 2 of the FIFA World Cup 2026 and AFC Asian Cup Saudi Arabia 2027 Joint Qualification campaign, commencing with an away clash against Kuwait on Thursday.

Chhetri emphasized the team’s more settled appearance, attributing it to commendable performances against international opponents on home turf. The players’ exposure to competitive matches has provided valuable experience, fostering cohesion and resilience within the squad.

As the Indian team braces for the qualifiers, Chhetri’s leadership and experience are poised to play a pivotal role. The anticipation is high, and fans eagerly await the outcome of the opening match against Kuwait, with hopes that India will showcase its strengthened capabilities on the international football stage.

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